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Flashing Lights - 1/3/20 - $7.49


Today’s deal is Flashing Lights!





Hey there, gamer! Do you log on to the internet every single day, dark cloud over your head, and wonder how things could possibly get any worse on this great big Earth we have here? Does it constantly amaze you when somehow it inevitably does? Well never fear, faithful people who actually take the time to read these dumb little things, because that’s just the internet doing it’s internet thing. And quite honestly, in our humble estimation, humans weren’t really built to balance all the negative stuff that happens in a day on a global level. Remember when you didn’t know what was happening on the other side of the ocean in real time? Remember when you had more than five minutes to respond to a message from another country before it seems like you’re mad via text?

The point is, in this day and age, the internet (and let’s be honest, the unchecked behavior of LOTS of the people on it) has created a crisis of existential helplessness on a scale we’ve never before seen. How can you possibly cope with a million problems constantly exploding in your face that you have absolutely no control over? Well, my good gamer, if you thought today’s newsletter was going to carry a profundity that somehow absolved you of this awful problem, we unfortunately have to let you down…but we do think we can help you semi-selfishly push these feelings away for at least a little while by teaming up with real people to rescue fake people online.

That’s right, today, for half a percent of the price of my last trip to the real emergency room, we’ve got a wonderful game called Flashing Lights - Police, Firefighting, Emergency Services Simulator, and it’s all kinds of cathartic pretending-I’m-putting-out-the-world’s-fires fun. Read a senselessly mean Yelp review? Hand out a fake parking ticket. Found a racist online? Help a fake old lady through a heart attack. Australia’s still on fire and you don’t have any more money to donate, and you guiltily feel like you could still do more even though you‘ve got other problems in your own life dragging you down? Help a few NPC’s out of a fake burning building. Will it solve anything? Nope. Can you reasonably expect to solve every problem yourself anyway? Nope. Does it still feel good to team up with some strangers online to at least PRETEND like you can always make a difference? Only one way to find out. Flashing Light is just $7.49 today. Give it a shot.

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This is the lowest Flashing Lights has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $9.99 on Chrono :exploding_head:

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This was on my wishlist. Perfect. Bought it here.

Now I’ll be the finest EMS there is. With my trusty Rambulance, I shall smash into every pedestrian I can find, while running over the already injured. It’ll be the fastest treatment to DOA you’ve ever seen.

And in multiplayer, I shall be the finest police officer. I will incapacitate every civilian and criminal with non-lethal weaponry, and drive a car into every gas pump, so the EMS and fire department will have plenty of work available. It’ll be the perfect renewable business model!