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[FIXED] Epic Games Store is REMOVING the games billing information on timely basis



How is that a way of identifying you? I could have been at a coffee shop using a VPN. Or I changed my ISP…which could be a fact soon if they don’t get their act together. I could have been on vacation…this makes no sense whatsoever…

I have about 7 and I switch between 3 and 4 of them because i get points/money etc…It depends on how close one is to where i can cash it out…And certain times of the year I get double points/cash.

Note to self: Self, forget about Epic. They don’t know ya…or care to know you.


Hey sorry going to bug you on this thread too again lol. I started thinking about this again because Cyberpunk being given away for free in the Steam event, so started thinking about ITAD prices again and people that look at hist lows. This is very limited and not exactly open to everyone so doubt it goes on ITAD as a price drop but started looking into games from the Epic sale and wondered why ITAD didn’t nuke all the prices there. Ghost recon wildlands still shows $15 hist low but I got it for $5. IDK I guess just another reason why I see looking at ITAD only as being kinda silly lol. Sorry this comment probably isn’t very meaningful but it just got me thinking about it again :smile:


because Cyberpunk being given away for free in the Steam event, so


yup as soon as the event started everyone moved Cyberpunk to the top of their wishlist, including me lol. So of course it is the top game given away right now

Steam Summer Sale 2019 was a thing.

not sure why that one escaped, might have gotten an exemption, manual overhaul, or “something” when they scraped/updated it
as an example, subnautica below 0 still holds it’s 6€ “voucher” price on itad, but Subnautica don’t and is listed as lowest for 15 on epic(not counting the freebie) :man_shrugging:
i know after a little while they changed it from an automatic price, to count as a coupon on ITAD, meaning it don’t default/auto add that price,
but why then all games didn’t get updated “equally” to reflect this i’ve no clue :thinking:, nor even why the bothered to in the first place, guess they must have felt it was necessary, -but not warranting enough effort to make sure it was “reverted” for all apps :sweat_smile:

but yea, itad/price matching sites has their flaws, many are for instance “broken”, like mentioned with @fraggles in regards to price increase vs discount with early access, or just other events
most easy one to mention is; back before 2016 when tons of games were common to get massive discounts, flash deals etc. So some prices still remain as rock bottom for those games, despite (likely) never going to see that match again, and as result don’t pop up unless you adjust the notify price threshold for such games yourself
^which is also why it’s not really something to be used as a “be all”/100% reliable tool when for a glance comparison and quick purchase. But more something for those that want a decent avg aggregate, or penny pinchers or those that just don’t want to get taken in by “fake”/mediocre discounts -like the current steam sale :wink:


ah ok cool, pretty much how I see it as well. I was just bored, nothing to do in this steam event smh, so started looking at this again. You always have good info to share so thought id continue our conversation on it :smile:


It’s kinda looking now like these free aren’t even truly tied to your account, I’m seeing some people saying that their free games were removed from their library after reinstalling the game/laucher.

There’s some people talking about it in a Steam group discussion here.

Edit: Corrected link so it didn’t send you to one of the pages linked already on the discussion.


i’m not laughing because of these people’s misfortune, i’m laughing because the exact scenario happened that was predictable mentioned in one of the earliest replies :joy:


Anyone else feeling a little Schadenfreude on this beautiful Sunday?


yo cmon


? it’s just a repost of my earlier entry, perfectly fitting this outcome,
not a “dig” at you just because the old post are is "quote"box :+1:


He can’t read/reread… too much work ;]

Slap a pointless meme and he won’t notice.




Reasonable roundup for the latest round of Epic cockups.

Edit: Update with response from Sweeney

Turns out payment history and email receipts are important, huh? Who’d have thought!


I like sid Aplha’s video’s a lot. And when he talked about billing in the update video, I was thinking about this topic directly.


Huh, interesting. I checked my payment history yesterday and it was the usual “last three months only” deal, but now it suddenly shows my entire history all the way back to Shadow Complex Remastered freebie in 2015.
Can anyone confirm that it’s not just me?
EDIT: I decided to check more myself and lo and behold:

So the official stance currently is that 90 day history was a bug. Still doesn’t look good that it persisted for so long, but at least it’s supposed to be fixed now.


They do send email receipts but only for games you actually spend money on, Steam is the same as they don’t send you email receipts for free games. Steam does have a great activated license history section though.


Now the payment history has a button “Show More” and I can confirm that it shows everything from the freebies… so far. Never installed the client though, yet. Thanks a lot for this update!

Seems it’s fixed for now, so I will change the title, but still - if this is not the case for everyone - feel free to mention it. Cheers!


Not only is that purchase history fixed. You now get an email confirmation even for freebies claimed. :smiley:


Well good on them for fixing that much, real easy thing to set up so, so now they’re at GOG’s level in this one regard. I loathe that it took a youtuber to call out Tim Sweeney personally for it to happen.

Remains to be seen if these receipts will be taken seriously by their support staff next time something goes missing from an account though. Or if they’ll keep insisting you remember whichever credit card number you used first or all that other nonsense they’ve been demanding.