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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



Necro! Decided to paint today and had it all sketched out for a week. Now the thing with painting is that I can‘t. This also doesn‘t represent what I used to paint, but at least this realization gave me the spark for another idea I might want to try.

Also it‘s not good. Just sharing what I did today.


Wow it looks pretty great from here! Some parts are extremely expressive, and the deep shadow on the neck adds depth. The girl looks like it’s trying to get out of the painting, that’s cool. No plans for adding details?

To continue the thread, here are some old and new photos I made.

I mostly do photo portraits and shoot cosplay, but not sure if it’s appropriate to post here.

  • something i’m struggling to finish.


Well, thank you and no, I’m not touching this anymore. Once I’m okay with a painting I tend to leave it, because speaking from experience I get over ambitious and ruin it and thus I see it as practice rather than a finished project.

And please do post your portraits and such! Only person that wouldn’t be okay with them are the portrayed, I suppose, but I’m really curious to see them. Like the picture of the car the most! Moody!



My best friend Triple makes some pretty cool pixel art. He also is into game design :smiley: - Here is some of his work

The last pic is animated - here’s the ink -

He started doing this for a bit, he’s slowed down since the start of school. Hope you guys like his artwork :smiley:

also he made this for my twitch -


Don’t think I ever posted this thingy here soo…


Was showing this to @ohko and realized I had never posted it here. Was the first pixel art piece I ever did – aside from real basic 10x10-ish practice thingies.

Piece is called “Goliath” and I did it in early August. I did another piece since then but it’s unfinished…

Here’s how it currently looks (WIP):


Obviously inspired by Hyper Light Drifter. Would love everyone’s thoughts on it so far.

Both were drawn and animated in Marmoset Hexels, which I love to bits. I really need to get back to pixel art…

PS: Really liked your friend’s work, @wasabiyoyo! :pineapple:


I really enjoy Goliath!


Tell you friend, @wasabiyoyo, I now, haz cheezeburger! and he does good work. :+1:t3:

I likes both @coralinecastell. Love some great pixels :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Here’s a thing I made lately, some retro covers.


I really like the black and red one. It stands out :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@NICK9X9 is that a church/temple or town square building?


I really like 003 just screams 80’s VHS casette sleeve to me.


It’s a catholic church. :slight_smile:


XD i will indeed.


Thank you, i’ll let him know :smiley:


Thanks @delenn13 and @CreatureFeet for the kind comments! I really appreciate it. Pixel art is super fun and relaxing! :blush:

As for @WikiTora that looks so rad! Awesome color palettes – especially second row first column imho. What are they for?


Thanks! The color palette is from various packaging from the '80, like Kodak, AGFA, etc. These box covers are made for super 8 tapes, for a personal project of mine.


Ooooooh I see! Totally awesome. If you make any more of those and feel like sharing, please do! :hugs:


Oh yes, I made 12 in total. I’ll maybe share more in the future, when all pieces will come together… nicely, hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished the thing! CLICK FOR FULL-SIZE.

Frankly I rushed through it because I was hella bored so… let me know your thoughts. I was going to animate it – waterfall, blinking frog, wind – but wasn’t feeling it.

Here is a reddit post if you want to give me useless internet points of approval. :+1:


Some art for a secret thingy: