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Fictorum - 4/29/19 - $5


Today’s deal is Fictorum!





Today, fair Chronies, we stand for a group of people who have long been ridiculed in the world of gaming; people that some might call trailblazers, but that others will call party poopers; people that some will call brave, but other will call entitled. We’re talking, of course, about the people who complain when something too powerful about a character gets weakened in the video game version so it can be a part of balanced game mechanics, and with today’s game Fictorum, it’s time to say “No more.”

Not sure what we mean? Well don’t worry, because we’ve already thought of the perfect examples: lightsabers and Superman. Lightsabers, for example, are the signature weapon of the Jedi. They can cut through almost anything, and part of what it means to be a wielder is that you respect that dangerous responsibility. In games, you barely ever even get to cut an arm off a Stormtrooper, and sometimes (like in SoulCalibur) you even just use it to clash on equal terms with swords! What gives? And how can you have lives or barriers or a challenge in a Superman game involving common criminals? He could round everybody up and toss ‘em in jail before you ever touched the controller!

But this nonsense stops now. In today’s game Fictorum, you play as a wizard, but for once magic actually does what it’s supposed to do. Buildings explode, people instantly die, and you are one of the most feared people in all of creation, and best of all, you don’t have to earn it by levelling up your character for 60 hours. In this game, you’re already a high-level magic-user to begin with, and it shows. So grab this game today for five measly bucks, jump into the giant randomized sandbox, and show the entire countryside why they were afraid of wizards in the first place.

The official trailer for Fictorum:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Fictorum has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $6.80 on everyone’s favorite website, :exploding_head:

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This looks interesting on the screensohots. Have to check later the trailer.


i have this wishlisted because it seems to tick some of the right boxes for me
but i’m not sure i’ll play it “soon”(not that that has always stopped me before lol):thinking:

aaaah feck it!:triumph:,

you cats know just how to pull my strings :blush: