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Fictorum - 2/26/19 - $6.80


Today’s deal is Fictorum!





Oh, we get it. You think you know magic, huh? You think just because you woke up one morning and you moved a pencil without touching it you’re some kind of crazy destiny wizard, is that right? Well, let us ask you this: have you ever ripped an entire building apart with the arcane arts? Have you ever turned a man into a mist with sheer willpower? Because if not, then you absolutely MUST play Fictorum.

Because here’s the thing, Fictorum’s like us: We’re tired of watching movies about sweet little kids getting magic powers and struggling to defeat evil. We’d rather play as someone who’s already gone through the magic school and worn the dirty robes and learned all the cool spells and now he’s back with a vengeance to take down an entire kingdom by himself and oh my goodness that’s exactly what Fictorum is. Just look at that footage. Yes. Finally.

No more owls and impolite letters from your parents, we’re talking GENIE-LEVEL powers right from jump street, and a world map that’s an absolutely randomized sandbox of physics-based destruction. You know how like when you play a Star Wars video game and the lightsabers look cool, but they don’t turn your enemies into a pile of limbs and armor plates in an instant like you know it should? Fictorum does this but with wizards. It’s the wizard power fantasy you’ve always wanted, and it costs less than a burrito. Make your choice.

The official trailer for Fictorum:

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