Fanatical Bundlefest is Back

Hopefully they have some good stuff. I will just try to keep my eyes peeled. Let me know what you think of the bundles as they come in too!



The Star Wars bundle is back as well, but for 7 days.

So far not impressed at all with the “Colossus” bundle and when you add the fact that 2 games there are mystery ones for whole week…


A “Torment” Bundle with no Planescape… 12/10 IGN’s


This will be a good bundle for some, perhaps the next one will be better. Personally, I used to enjoy the hidden and to be revealed games, get the bundle for what you see and the extras are a bonus!


That is really annoying. Ugh!

I had made a sullen promise to try to not throw money at too many bundles, so I will sit around and wait a while, seriously think about all of these.

I might do the tier 1 there, for Chaos Reborn, but then again I might not.


Stopping by to say a few words on two games in case anyone cares or is unsure about getting the bundles etc.

:small_orange_diamond: Moon Hunters (Colossus bundle, tier 2, $4.99)
Highly recommended. I’ve been playing this game a lot with a friend in the past month. I have 18 hours on it and we’re still now done.

Ups: gorgeous pixel graphics, beautifully written, heartfelt soundtrack, many unlockable characters and locations, interesting lore, well-crafted universe, 4 game modes (single player story, online multiplayer, local co-op and arena), very high replay value.

Downs: multiplayer lags ridiculously, and it’s literally unplayable with more than 2 people. I tried playing with 2 other friends (total of 3 people) and it glitched and bugged and lagged so much we had to give up, the devs seem to have given up on fixing those game-breaking bugs altogether, the game is not receiving any new content (and I feel like the certainly could be more), getting achievements like the recipe one will definitely call for a guide if you don’t want to do 30 or so runs – you don’t, trust me.

:small_orange_diamond: Epistory (idem)
Only recommended if you’re specifically looking for a typing game. I beat it in 8 hours.

Ups: visually pretty, interesting mechanics, ok music, Steam workshop support.

Downs: can be frustrating, doesn’t actually teach you how to type (it’s just for practice), has a handful of ridiculously unattainable achievements, unremarkable story.

I may write more on the other bundles, when they come out, if you guys want me to. Cheers and have a nice week, everyone! :hugs:

PS: what’s with the 2 locked games at the end of the bundle? :thinking:


Fanatical added PRICE APPROXIMATION FOR BRAZILIAN REAL!!! :brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil:

Summoning meus amigos @Enki e @Agetime because Chrono could sure get some inspiration nudge nudge


I was ignoring it until I saw your tag, it’s happening!!



Hey Chrono, well you could also put an approximation in the quotation from the real too :/, I love the site :purple_heart:, but it is lacking for us, not having an approximation of our currency .-.


:rofl: I am not buying anything until they reveal the “mystery games”.


They’ve decided to reveal them tomorrow after consumer dissent.

Also, the Day 2’s Mystery Bundle is rubbish.


I don’t go for the completely mystery bundles for sure…

That’s good, we will have time to decide after looking at it tomorrow.


i’m “cool” with humble’s monthly box o’ mysteries, at least the give a teaser and have a track record of not being ultra disappointing every time, or massively rebundled
but i just can’t trust fanatical the same. 0 “enticing” reveal to make you think the rest could be worth it, pure gamble, on a site that’s known for frequent rebundles and certain dollar store title offerings :thinking:
Sry fanatical, i’m not biting that one, knowing i’d probably “win” a ton of dupes with the remaining being some low tier/disinterested stuff too for me i bet…
(no matter how much randos keep posting they lucked out and got Skyrim Gold Encrusted edition or some AAA"high value" steal) :unamused:


That Festival Mystery Bundle…10 unnamed games for $6.99.

Have they had that before? If so, I want to know they types of games they had in the past. If it is going to be a group of racing games, then I wouldn’t be interested. They should at least let us choose a game type category for FPS, strategy, RPG, sports, etc. etc.


Just in case someone was thinking of buying more than one, the ‘additional info’ on ITAD says,

“All mystery games in one bundle are different, but multiple bundle purchase may include duplicate games.”


Yea, the first time they did the “Deluxe Mystery Bundle”, one with AAA games, they added that caveat too. Think it was on Reddit or somewhere that people were talking about what they got and the hauls weren’t that joyful for anyone.

I got 2 games in the Mystery Bundle earlier this year - both duplicates. Not a bad thing as I happily gave them away to fellow Chrononians, but meh.

This kind of stuff attracts me - lucky dipping, lol. It’s why I enjoyed Yugioh for a while, opening card packs and hoping for the UR you really really want, but for the most part, the yield with these Mystery bundles don’t seem worth the risk.

I actually have it for that reason - yet to activate it though. Hope the achievements aren’t literally impossible to meet - that’d drive me nuts. >.<


Invisigun Heroes and Ash of Gods: Redemption added to Tier 2 of Colossus Bundle. Tier 3 removed.


:grimacing: yaiks… bye bye value
i’m guessing/hoping, people that already bought tier 3 actually got those games, including 2 “mystery” unlocks, now revaled, on their page too then?

dang seem like an allround mess with duplicate bundles getting re-released again and not actually anything all that spectacular so far
hope they have something neat lying in wait the next days, and that we haven’t seen the cream of the crop yet with the colossus bundle


I wonder why they removed the 3rd tier, b/c nobody was buying? It seems strange that they would put up a tier 3 and then remove it, b/c who knows, someone might want to buy the full bundle but hasn’t seen it yet… :man_shrugging:


well, imo (for people interested in the games), tier 3 was where the value was
even at 5bucks each to make a 10$/€ tier 3, it was cheaper than they had been discounted before, basically making all the games in the other tiers free in value for anyone that bought it, while still getting a decent individual discount on those 2 games