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Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - 9/29/19 - $1.99


Today’s deal is the Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered!





Many people who aren’t “in the know” often let this game slide under their radar, but whether you know it as Farenheit or Indigo Prophecy, David Cage cinematic narrative classic is a masterclass in how to make games feel like super weird weird movies. Obviously, we don’t have the kind of Hollywood pull to actually get famous people to weigh in, but through the magic of lying, anything is possible!

“I’ll tell ya, I’ve never played one of these videos that are games before, but when I saw that it was called Farenheit, I set it up to play in a bikram yoga studio. I stabbed a man to death while I wasn’t in control of my body and got attacked by giant bugs until the computer fizzled out from the steam. I was really sweating there, David. Good job.” -David Lynch

“Who was controlling you during the murder? Sometimes I think we consider life too precious. In the end, people just end up as game pieces for the larger forces at work. A single life isn’t so important in the grand scheme. Who was controlling anyone during what murder? The answer honestly really surprised me.” -Ari Aster

“You know, you boot up a computer game, and it’s by David Cage, and the question I have is, what really constitutes a computer? What is a game? Is running away from the Terminator a computer game? Is destroying the Matrix a computer game? Who’s the game designer then, you know what I mean? My point is, all games are exactly like this and it’s existentially upsetting.” -Charlie Brooker

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Bestie and I started playing this as a Tag Puzzle Team.

(When we finally figure out how to mop, we’ll let ya’ll know)

Hope this means Chrono is gearing up for Halloween. beams


This game gives you an idea of David Cage’s early attempts at making movies in video game form (kind of like Hideo Kojima, but Cage’s games are more in the adventure genre rather than action). Keep in mind this is long before he learned any lessons to eventually make Detroit: Become Human (like, three games ago!).

David Cage’s story is uh… To put it lightly, an unusual interpretation of our reality, followed by a confusing mashup of ideas based on movies Cage has likely seen recently at the time.

With that said, he has some great ideas where I wished more games adopted, such as being able to play roles on opposite sides. Ever played as a fugitive hiding evidence, and then as a cop searching for evidence? You can here, and Quantic Dream came up with a way for you, the player, to not know where the evidence is. And both hiding it and searching for it is on a time limit in-context to the situation/story, so I found that to be pretty unique fun. (Think, FOX’s 24.)

I also enjoyed the game offering more than one outcome to some scenes, depending on how hard you work for it. And while the action sequences are basically an emulation of “Simon”, I understand it’s Quantic Dream’s solution to being able to play and watch a movie at the same time. Good thing that system got revised heavily in future games.

Do I recommend it? At this price? Yes. It’s a nice way to see how far Quantic Dream and David Cage has come along. Just remember, whatever your opinion is on this game, he’s learned many lessons since then and created Detroit: Become Human.