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Extinction - 11/18/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Extinction!





Now listen, we’re not trying to tell you how to game or anything, but one time we saw this sad movie where this guy fights the giant monsters in Shadow of the Colossus to symbolize how serious the problems are he’s dealing with in real life. Today’s game Extinction is all about fighting huge monsters too, but where ten years ago when that movie took place, it seemed like eventually all the monsters would go down and you could move on with your life, in 2019, the monsters never stop coming. We live in turbulent turbulent times.

BUT IF YOU THINK THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO GIVE UP, YOU BETTER TAKE THAT CAPRI SUN OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND SUIT UP BECAUSE WHEN THE MONSTER THREAT GROWS IN POWER, SO DO WE. In fact, this isn’t even really about YOU at all. Instead, it’s about all of us dealing with monsters to help each other. It’s the only way to fight back against the endless waves. Horrible news story? Go for a walk with a friend. Online toxicism? Get a milkshake from the town soda jerk. Giant monster attacks the city? Fly into the air with your big ass sword and save everyone.

So what? Are we really saying that playing video games can help solve the worlds bigger problems? Maybe not, but if you can get on our level with us, and you’re excited about an idea like this, maybe you’ll buy the game, right? Isn’t it a cool way of thinking about it? I mean come on, at the very least it’s down to five bucks from thirty! That’s the power of positive thinking!

The official trailer for Extinction:

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TL;DR version its not the worst game ever but if you start the game expecting something similar to Attack on Titan, you may end up feeling really disappointed.


I like the art style. Sort of like something Street Fighter IV did.