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EVERSPACE - 8/20/19 - $4.99/$4.99/$9.98


Today’s deal is EVERSPACE™!




So…you REALLY think you have what it takes to join the Rylan Star League? Ha! Ha ha! Oh, umm, excuse me, in human that means laughing, but from my planet, laughing is the same as spitting on the tops of your shoes. And honestly, what can I say? I simply just have zero respect for you. First of all, humans haven’t even developed real space travel besides a few science class rockets and the scariest space station of all time, and second of all, what do you guys drive down there again? What are they called? “Cars”? That sounds like a sickness!

And I’m just going to be completely truthful here, but I want nothing more than to say something brutal and intimidating like “PLEASE! DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!”, but on my planet laughing is when we shoot blood out of our eyes, so instead I’m going to say “PLEASE! DON’T MAKE ME SHOOT BLOOD OUT OF MY EYES!” which doesn’t work exactly as well. But who cares? The cars you have still use tires! They don’t even float! I’ll shoot blood out of my eyes all day at that, and I still won’t be done! (My species has a LOT of blood in our bodies at any given time…)

But anyway, yeah, I-wait…what was that? has Everspace and Encounters on sale today for sub ten bucks? And you’ve been training on randomized space flight missions until you become an ace pilot? Damn it, Earth! What is it with you guys and learning how to do complicated shit through video games? I mean Jeenus, watch a movie once in a while, okay? Actually, why don’t you make it The Last Starfighter, so you can finally appreciate this sick reference, huh? Hey, w-where are you going?

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Seems like a fun game. Reminds me of No Man Sky.


It is not all all like that though, the only thing it has in common is that u can fly in a ship and shoot at other ships with yr ship, rly.

That would be like saying Doom reminds you of Mario just because both protagonists are male and jump a lot or need for speed reminds u of gta V because u drive a car in a city.


Yeah, this game it has more in comon with elite dangerous than NMS. Sequel looks dope too.


Anybody wanna allow me to trade for a copy of Everspace? I have plenty of games to offer :3


It’s fun to look at the planets, asteroids, black holes, and your foes. It’s fun to fly. It’s a fun game that has some humorously syfy cheesy dialogue strangely well-mixed in with emotional, well-crafted story. I really enjoy Everspace 22 hours in. Be prepared to die a lot and push through the pain of losing just about everything. The better you get at firefights and more tactical you are with resource gathering and movement, the more fun the game gets.


I gave in and picked this one up, the whole package deal. Too many mentions of FTL and Freelancer for me to ignore.


This game is all about flying and fighting and it’s built on the foundation of grinding resource-gathering, modification-building, and side-questing. The environments are super stunning in 3440x1440p and ultra settings. It is surprisingly well-tested and can run well on all kinds of systems. I’ve never seen such a well-optimized game with this much graphical detail and effects in a space fighter. That being said, you really need a beefier card to really enjoy this game in full graphics.


I think Everspace actually has some stuff in common with NMS. For example, the randomly-generated space sectors are really detailed and pretty easy to get immersed in with both games. Space flying feels fun with both games and both games have resource-building and die-back mechanics built-in.

NMS is like Everspace and Subnautica, minus the stories of each, had a baby.


Die a lot¿? uhm of course as far as I know its a rogue like, right¿? You have to die sooner or later to upgrade your ship