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EVERSPACE - 2/1/20 - $4.49


Today’s deal is EVERSPACE™!




The smell of thick black oil fills your nose as you look out your cheap thin canopy at the space station glowing before you. Something is leaking, or maybe that last jump was your last and you’re gonna die here. A red flashing light activates on your display. “Ah.” You say it aloud. You almost want to laugh. “The warp gate dropped me into the middle of a pirate’s nest.” You tap on the status indicator just to make sure your shields really are down and it falls down somewhere under your feet and disappears behind some sticky wires. The lasers cut through your ship like paper. You curse in an alien language just in case anyone’s listening on the ra-

The smell of thick black oil fills your nose as you look out your cheap thin canopy at the…wait. Why do you know this? The panic of impending doom settles into your chest for four seconds until your eyeballs land on the status indicator. Your shields are full. You take another sniff and the oil’s been replaced by that new car smell. Huh. Must’ve been a dream… Anyway, things are looking good and it’s time to mine…some…rocks…? Huh. You look outside and the space station is…what space station? All you see is rocks. Big rocks. Actually, really big. Actually really really big. They’re…moving kind of fast, aren’t the-

The smell of thick black oil fills your…NO! NO! NO! This is a beautiful and very expensive spaceship! You’ve been working hard to buy it! It’s been months out here in deep space, and you’re doing really great! A tv turns on and you see…you? Except you’re wearing like…really dirty pajamas? And you have coffee? And you’re buying a game for insanely cheap? And…wait. Where did that TV go? No, literally, where would a TV even go on this dash? Oh wait, there is kind of an oil smell. Kinda smells like…burning? Hmm…seems like that fuel line is on fi-

The smell of thick black oil fills your nose as you look out your cheap thin canopy at the…

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well worth the price


@Ernin8t0r @lonin deal too good to refuse, so tried to buy it, but it told me something broke and to send an email, which i did

just @ing u here so u can get back to me faster, lol (though i have to go out for a few hours in a while)


Same issue, first error, now it says sold out not even an hour into the sale?

Doubt it, would say something broke. Try again in a few hours =)


Yup, we’re aware! Actually switching some things up on our end, deal was meant to be just the base game and not the Ultimate Edition. Sorry about that y’all!


Haha, no problem! Take your time =)


deal too good to be true indeed :joy:


Could have sworn the ultimate edition is on sale. looks like its not. Guess I’ll wait


I like space shooters and racers with cockpit views. Feels more immersive to me than using chase cams.


I really wanted to like this, but the controls just weren’t right.