Event Reminders


it’s birb time baby ! :yum:


I believe today’s the final day to grab your card from the discovery queue.

Just keep in mind these cards are valid for the next month, and will expire and disappear from your library around 30 or so days from the end of the winter sale event.


I need two cards from the steam awards thingy best soundtrack and better with friends. I have duplicates of most of the others if anyone wants to trade lol


there are 2 trading bots for winter cards on the trading card group board


If you sell 10 The Steam Awards - 2020 cards, you can craft 2 levels of badge (almost any game)


aeh, how does that work? 1 event card sells for 4c, you get 2cx10 - you now have to buy 5cards minimum, for 4c each= 20c


ok, ok You won - 1.5 levels :rofl:


how is it 1.5 lvls when it add up straight?
market sells event cards for 4c, you receive 2c after cut, x10 = 20c
you then buy random card, min price 4c, min badge requirement is 5 cards, 4x5= 20c
that seems like a 1:1 to me unless i’m missing something? :thinking:




I think cuz different currency
Right now I can sell 10 cards The Steam Awards - 2020 for $0.29 and buy cards from cheap game that was bundled many times and etc like Tropico 4/5, Two Worlds I/II (1 level badge) for $0.16


Not sure what cards are you selling but mine sells for 0,05€ ( 0,03€ profit ) .

So with 10 cards from daily queues and 10 cards from voting in steam awards that’s 20 cards x 0,03 each .


we were talking 10 cards, not all :wink:
5c you say? :thinking:
are they actually selling for that now? or is that just the current steam listing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
^because i’ve never sold anything that wasn’t “cheaper” than X current listing (unless it bottomed out ofc)


Out of 20 event cards i’ve put on for sale i’ve sold 17 , all for 0,05 margin. 3 are unsold so far. Maybe i’m just lucky,dunno.


meh, or i’m too impatient and just want insta sales so by default goes 1c lower than baseline