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Epistory: Typing Chronicles - 6/16/20 - $3.49


Today’s deal is Epistory - Typing Chronicles!




Okay, wait, look, stop what you’re doing for a second and look down at your keyboard. Unless you have some kind of neat technotronic gamer one it’s probably one of the most mundane items you own, and yet, because of the function it provides, it’s also a conduit for the spread of information in the world. Wait, what was that? Did I just see you wipe away a tear? Too beautiful for you? Oh wait, you actually just weren’t crying? I was wrong? Really? Are you sure? Huh…

Well, whatever. Even you have to admit that in some sort of poetic way at least, the keyboard represents infinite possibilities. So, you know, when a games comes along that uses the WHOLE keyboard as an input device, not just to move around and junk but to actually write words, like how in another game you might use an item or a spell to progress, you gotta believe we’re listening, and since we have been, we’re here to tell you that Epistory is the real deal.

Are you still looking at that keyboard? You know how sometimes a hungry cartoon character will imagine their friend as a piece of roast meat? Imagine that your keyboard is the passport to a world of origami figures and magic and mystery. Like, literally, picture it transforming. Is it working? Did it turn into some kind of plane ticket? Or…well, I know I said passport, but I didn’t mean like, the thing you use to get across borders. A keyboard’s way too big to be that. Okay, actually it’s more like the Sheikah Slate or something. Yeah, yeah, okay. Actually, let’s go with that…

The official trailer for Epistory - Typing Chronicles:

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Already have this…

Here’s a review from @missiloon:


Yes, I’ve had it for a while too, very pretty but runs slow on my potat…


It has a really strange two-handed movement keybind that takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it feels quite natural. It’s designed for people keeping your hands on the keyboard for touch typing. Great little game, for sure. I love the art style.


Really nice, altho a bit too short and underdeveloped for my taste. The price was lower I think, but I snagged it for 5$ and didn’t regret either. Big hopes for Nanotale, although right now people complain about the plethora of bugs in it


That one on my wishlist too - hope it turns out good in the end.


What isn’t though :smiley:


Bruh, lots of things… I pared it down lately and if I get homicidal enough, more titles will burn!


My review from first time the deal was up:

As someone who already owns this game, it’s a solid title. Great artistic style, easy-to-grasp controls. I type about 98 WPM on average and make a decent amount of mistakes, and this game still had the right amount of challenge to put pressure on me while still being enjoyable.

If you enjoy typing and wanna work on your skills while picking up a new game, I’d recommend getting Epistory.

There are some other decent reviews of the game on the thread as well, which you can check out here.


… Should I admit that I cried when I stared at my keyboard?