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Epistory - Typing Chronicles - 4/14/19 - $3.50


This weekend’s deal is Epistory - Typing Chronicles!




I used to be enough, you know? Used to be you just wanted to get better at something so you’d just practice it over and over until you got better. Your progress was your own reward, you know? You’d put on a suit, you’d go down to the office for a few hours, knock it all out, and boom you’re home for dinner. Job well done. But now they want a story. Now they need INSPIRATION…hey, uh, by the way, can you spot me for a drink? Thanks.

The name’s Mavis. Doesn’t matter what my last name is. I used to be a famous teacher, and I made a huge impact on children all over the world, but unfortunately, I’m just an educator and not a video game developer, and now I mostly just meet people in strange bars and talk about the glory days. There’s just…too much out there now. Kids can get everything I gave them and a beautiful engaging fantasy story for the ages, so why would anyone want to take a class from me?

And look, I’m not mad. I used to just be some perfume saleswoman until someone came up to me and said “Hey, I’m a software developer, and I want to be the face of typing education.” I thought I’d be the gold standard forever. Now you can learn to type however you want, and that’s…okay. Just…promise me that as you explore your beautiful paper world on your giant magic fox, bringing inspiration to the realm as you brush on your WPM, you’ll remember where it all started. And what about that drink?

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This is the lowest Epistory - Typing Chronicles has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $3.74 on MacGameStore.

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Oof, thought this was fun, unfortunately it isn’t.

I played for some time before getting bored…then I fought with myself to at least collect some achievements before giving up.

Here I am with 8 achievements and 31mins of total playtime before uninstalling :rofl:


I got this a while back somewhere because of the adorable style of the art - a paper world. Not yet played as I’m too proficient a typist to have ‘fun’ with this, but it also looks suitable for kids to practice touch typing.


My review from last time the deal was up:

As someone who already owns this game, it’s a solid title. Great artistic style, easy-to-grasp controls. I type about 98 WPM on average and make a decent amount of mistakes, and this game still had the right amount of challenge to put pressure on me while still being enjoyable.

If you enjoy typing and wanna work on your skills while picking up a new game, I’d recommend getting Epistory.

There are some other decent reviews of the game on the thread as well, which you can check out here.


It doesn’t have the deepest mechanics but they are very enjoyable and I would definitely rank it as one of the most memorable games I played in recent years.