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Enter the Gungeon - 4/21/19 - $5


Please replenishment!!!


I guess it’s not happening


Hopefully another day…


Yea. For some reason I thought I already had the game. But when @Gnuffi said something about an update, I checked and I didn’t have. And i didn’t get…cause Easter. Was busying cooking most the day.

Oh well…Hopefully another day. Just don’t make it 7.00. The exchange kills me every time.:persevere:


am probably the only one who doesn’t like the game at all in the slightest :grin:


I’m sure there’s at least three others


say thanks to all the ninja resellers…tomorrow we will see many steamtrades and giveaway with this game…damn them



guess it’s not just coin games that goes like hotcakes sometimes… :smile:

crossing fingers this will be back someday soon, and that there was a enough keys so Dodge Roll at least made a penny on this quick sold out deal :dizzy_face:


Prove it :crazy_face:


Presumably you have already done so @Four


This post is very underappreciated.




Ha, credit to @M00 methinks.