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Enter the Gungeon - 4/21/19 - $5


Today’s deal is Enter the Gungeon!





Let’s be honest, you probably already heard of the bullet/gun-themed rogue-like dungeon crawler that is Enter The Gungeon, so here’s ten “facts” you might not have heard before!

  • The enemies are based off the bullet of the gun they shoot! If a guy has a shotgun, he’ll look like a shotgun shell!

  • You shoot the bullets, who also shoot bullets themselves, with bullets to defeat them. Bullets.

  • Wait, so then are there bigger guns out there that accept these enemies as bullets?

  • And are there like, giant factories where huge people mass-produce giant bullets that come to life, or is it like a Cars the movie situation where humans were just never part of the picture.

  • And now that I think of it, what does a bullet eat? The obvious answer is gunpowder, but I swear there’s like pizza and drinks scattered everywhere sometimes, so are we supposed to assume it’s that? Do these bullets really eat pizza?

  • Am I overthinking this? I might be slightly overthinking this.

  • Okay, I’m still thinking about these living bullets, though. They have mouths and eyes, but is there a brain in there? Any yet they explode when you shoot them. What would a cross-section of this thing look like?

  • No wonder everyone wants to kill the past, this is some truly messed up shit.

  • …But if they kill the past, don’t they kill themselves killing the past? Like how could a Terminator kill John Connor without being invented by John Connor?

  • Fact: I’m going to go soak in an ice bath and calm down. I’m starting to distress myself.

The official trailer for Enter the Gungeon:

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Sale price info:
This matches the lowest Enter the Gungeon has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $5 on everyone’s favorite website, :sunglasses:

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


!!! Chrono’s going to have a good day today. :slight_smile:

Previous low was during that multi-deal day in late 2017 that brought me to Of course by the time I came to the site to check after hearing about it, it was already long gone. Hehe… So I ended up buying from Steam instead.

Definitely one of the best roguelite, top-down, twin-stick shooters out there. :+1:


First game I ever bought on chrono after I saw TotalBiscuit’s video on it. I will definitely throw my money at a sequel if the day ever comes.

I’ll post the video just in case.


Daaaamn yall got be f-ed up, this game is awesome. Anyone reading the comments to reconcile there urge to spend and their crippling debt? Well toss that out the window because this game is actually fun as hell. It’s a roguelite, but there is so much fun in this game, and they did an awesome job at making every encounter more and more exciting. I was give this game a try, for someone that plays huniepop like non-stop, I would definitely use this game for other extra curricular activities, ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᶦ’ᵐ ˢᵃʸᶦⁿᵍ.


this is a steal,
-game just got another free content update

don’t think about it, just enter the gungeon naow !


What a price! I doubt my less than nimble self could play this, but watched it streamed on Gamepedia and it’s awesome! The bosses are all different and interesting.

It’s pretty and there tons of items and areas to explore. Bullet hell fun for those who are fans. :slight_smile:


Sold out! :open_mouth:


Well crap. I was actually entertaining buying this one :frowning:


Got the email. Already sold out. Any way we can get a copy of this deal? I mean, c’mon!




Is this the quickest sell-out ever on Chrono?

Hopefully the team can get in touch with Devolver Digital and bring the deal back. Just need 5x the number of keys to last through a whole 24 hour period. Yikes!


You gotta get in early :wink: This is the 4th time Gungeon’s been on sale on Chrono and I doubt it’ll be the last.


after seeing how fast this sold out, I have a feeling I should play it, own it but not played it yet.


Wow this was my first time buying from chrono and im glad I did it when I did. I didint even know games could sell out


well that sucks. get the email and its already sold out by the time i click the link :frowning:

if you guys are gonna keep me on your email list. maybe you should have a quanitity of games that lasts atleast an HOUR after your email is sent out? maybe? either way i dont think theres much of a reason to be on your email list if the deals are sold out 45 minutes after your email arrives in my inbox, eh?


Maybe they will refill it? Never seen a game sold out this quick…


For anyone who’s actually curious about this, there’s a YouTube channel called Nevernamed who makes a ton of Gungeon-related content, and this was the topic of one of their videos. I highly recommend if you’re interested.


All good. I’ll probably buy it full price! :slight_smile:


Is there any chance you’ll get more keys for this deal?
I only just woke up and it’s already sold out.
Quite a shame, as I got really excited when I saw what the deal was in my emails.


Pacific 9am is 1 am in my country…and a good game has been sold out ,im a newbie i’ll see the next chance.


Can’t say I’ve ever seen a deal actually sell out before, especially this fast. That’s impressive