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E3 2019 Discussion. (Warning Possible Spoilers)



A 2013 survey in Poland found that 83% of surveyed Polish citizens think that corruption is a major problem for their country, particularly prevalent among politicians (62 percent) and in the health-care sector (53 percent). A growing number of citizens (57%) is concerned that there is no political will to fight corruption.


u better believe that solving an issue like that takes a few generations mah dood

I also find it a bit strange that u would question that so much. Who would actually benefit from organizing such a long and widespread conspiracy against CDPR that would actually make it worth going through the trouble of it all? And why would that be a more believable option than anonymous employees complaining about the conditions there? I’m just wondering. It’s the first I ever heard of it but it’s a thing we’re hearing about many game companies I think, so not that surprising either.


You’re missing the point, yes poland does have issues with corruption it’s not as bad as the more eastern states. But as I said that doesn’t matter, you can still file a complaint to the EU courts of justice and they will investigate the matter. Especially if it’s as bad as some want to make it out to be.

As for why, “news” companies need something to write about and they’re not above plain making it up if they need to. As an industry it’s just gotten worse in every aspect every decade and the gaming side of it has shown themselves entirely unwilling to adhere to any level of journalistic standard.



During Square Enix Presentation tonight they showed off there new game called Marvel Avengers: A-Day and It seems like it could be a very cool game. And Hopefully by the time it comes out My PC will be a little more beefier.


I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place on that one. I’m on a dead end platform and my NVIDIA Gtx 1070 ti went to AMD school of cooling. (it’s running hot.) I also have freesync monitors, but Windows 8.1. And if I upgrade to Windows 10, I will want to update my CPU.
In order to correct the issues, I basically have to build a new system.
Unfortunately, AIB models for the new Radeon cards won’t be out for a couple extra months.

A new build would run about $1600. I can fix individual problems, but the question becomes is it worth it?


I know the feeling. I really need to upgrademy CPU but to do that i need new motherboard and then question is if the PSU will be enough to feed new more powerful CPU , and everything i already have needs to fit into the new Mother so yeah. Duck it.


I say Microsoft had the best show followed by Ubisoft. I always love the Ubisoft event because they are the only dev company out there that caters to our love of co-op games, sadly too many great games are single player only :wink: I was also sad that there was no Beyond Good and Evil 2 news but as they previously announced they wouldn’t talk about it, I wasn’t surprised. The Microsoft event won it for me with the PC game pass and the amount of amazing games they showed off. Here is a list of some of the games I am really looking forward to:

Watch Dogs Legion(really hope it is as fun as it looks)
Gears 5
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Minecraft Dungeons
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Dying Light 2
Rainbow Six Quarantine(OMG this was amazing news for co-op, I hope they bring the cover system back)
Trine 4(already pre-ordered last month)
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Hey it is on the PC Xbox game pass right now if you want it without Epic :slight_smile:


Bethesda’s whole conference is going in the cringe compilation. Quite possibly the worst E3 conference I’ve ever seen.


We’ve put our shitty pay to win mobile games on the switch!
Paid stooges:


What in dog’s name is this?


A re-release of this old fat boy is what it is


Alright, now that E3’s over, here’s my ranking of the conferences from best to worst (at least of the stuff I saw).

Nintendo: Showed plenty of interesting stuff, most of which had actual gameplay.

Microsoft: Showed some cool stuff with a few silly (mostly Lego related) surprises.

Devolver: Very little was shown, but it was entertaining to watch and had a few neat surprises (like the Gungeon arcade game).

Square: I was interested in very little of what they showed, but at least they kept fluff to a minimum.

Bethesda: Very little was shown, mostly mobile games and DLC, but a large chunk was dedicated to gameplay for Doom 2: 2.

Ubisoft: Worst for me for the reasons I stated in my earlier post: most things shown were shoot games or DLC/ updates for shoot games, stuff I was excited for never showed up.