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Dying Light Enhanced Edition - 9/19/19 - $17.99


Today’s deal is Dying Light Enhanced Edition!

NOTE: Purchase includes a free copy of Call of Juarez!




So hey, did you know that the same developers made Dying Light that made Call of Juarez? One is a zombie game and one is a cowboy game, but that’s dope because we love both, and today, for less than twenty bucks, that’s exactly what you’ll get! But the question is which one should you play first, right? Well we’ve made a quick quiz to help you figure it out. Please answer each question with a simple “the first one” or “the second one” (Print this out and write on it)

What do you like looking for more, cursed gold or essential life-saving medicines?

How do you like getting around, horse or extremely skillful parkouring?

Which book most represents your ideal escape from reality, True Grit or Lord of the Flies?

What do you like to eat by the fire, beans or brains?

When you moan a lot, is it because your boots hurt too much or are you the living dead?

When people are around you are dying, do you blame an ancient curse or a modern virus?

Do you like to duel with people who are incredible gunslingers or inedible blookleakers? (This one’s a stretch.)

Anyway, one you’ve written down all your answers count them up. Tally how many times you wrote “the first one” and how many times you wrote “the second one” onto a piece of lined notebook paper and mail it to us at (finding the correct address is part of the game), and we’ll send you back an answer! Thanks for playing, and enjoy your two awesome games!

The official trailer for Dying Light:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


This game was released 2015 and is still getting the occasional content update. W T H guys just buy it already


Never seen a deal with a bonus game before. This is new. Neat!


Really good game. I have been playing the shit out of it recently and its worth the $17. Cant say anything about call of Juarez but it is a nice bonus