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Dying Light - 6/4/19 - $14.99/$17.50


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We realize it’s a long shot, but have you ever gone back a decade to rewatch Will Smith’s forgettable post-apocalyptic blockbuster “I Am Legend”? To most of us, it’s just popular for being attached to the IMAX bank robbery sequence from The Dark Knight before it came out, and for teasing the release of Batman v Superman almost ten years before release, but another thing we’ll always remember is how dated it’s immediately become, and it’s hard not to notice once you know.

Like, remember when he’s all alone in the city and he set up all those mannequins to pretend to talk to at the video store while he “rents” movies? We don’t even really HAVE video stores anymore, isn’t that crazy? Like, most people probably couldn’t even walk into a store and rent I Am Legend if they wanted to, unless it’s like a local mom n’ pop store, but those are beautiful golden nuggets of culture that exist outside the flow of time and we can’t control them.

However, there’s definitely some romance to the “walking around an abandoned city” vibe, which is basically just our roundabout way of telling you that we’ve got both Dying Light and it’s special enhanced edition on sale today. If you’ve ever wanted to parkour around an empty town with three friends and survive I Am Legend-like conditions, this is your game, even though it’s zombies instead of vampires, because let’s face it, the vampires in I Am Legend are some of the weakest ever committed to film. And, if you do end up coughing up the few extra bucks for the enhanced version, we’ll also throw in a bundle of classic steampunk-looking gunslinger gear, which always makes things better.

Anyway, Will Smith is the genie and it’s weird! See you later!

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If you turn off the HUD entirely, are in a dark room at night with good stereo headphones on, this game is utterly engrossing and terrifying.

Highly recommend. Online was hit or miss. People seemed less compelled to communicate and them seemed to like grinding more than playing together. If you have a partner, or friend, or sibling who can play with you, 100% recommend


I bought this in an earlier sale on here.


Was sooooo much fun to play, I tend to quickly get bored of games, but I spent over 90h in this one, sooo go go grab it already

Also I played solo and was having a blast, really doesn’t need a coop partner imo


Wanna buddy up and do co-op though? I have a mic around here somewhere…


I also bought this game last time on sale here. I really enjoy this game. Wish there was an upgrade to the following enhanced edition option on this deal. I only have the base game at the moment and would love to have the enhanced edition but don’t want to rebuy the whole game again for it.


Hey there - if you have the original (IE base edition Dying Light, regardless of what DLC you have or don’t have), you now own the Enhanced Edition as well. Calling it the Enhanced Edition was a douchey way to sell more copies and get more people to buy the actual game.

So, to summarize, if you own Dying Light - you own the Enhanced Edition. Dying Light was patched for all users to become Enhanced Edition. Don’t get fooled into paying twice for somethign you already own. I personally think it’s a pretty shitty thing for the publishers to do.


imo it was pretty clear that it’s a free update, not their fault that people can’t read hehe

I unfortunately can’t, can’t play much due to a medical condition atm + I don’t have a usable mic at all :confused:


base game is still sold,
enhanced edition = include season pass +the following
it’s not the same as patch update, or you seriously claiming if people just buy/bought base game only they will magically get all the dlc/season pass regardless of base game content/not buying enhanced edition?

enhanced edition is their version of a “goty” edition… -includes X/extra content base edition doesn’t and wont if only having the base game, poor naming convention maybe,
but it’s not the same as the “enhanced game/graphics update” patch 1.10.0, and @terryndonita is right about the desire for an “upgrade” option, as would need the season pass to get remaining/missing content instead of shelling out extra for getting the version/price of a pack including base game “again”
(by contrast regular sales discount on season pass is 10bucks so would in effect pay that 7bucks more just to get the “upgrade” through the enhanced edition pack for 17 with "EE"sales)


Hi Gruff - The Enhanced Edition IS the base game + patch updates. The Enhanced Edition bundle being sold here and on Steam is (Base) Enhanced Edition Dying Light + All DLC and Season Pass. It’s not the same thing but the marketing department fucked around with the wording to confuse people. Having it listed for $70 still for a dead online experience (it’s dead. Good luck getting a campaign going) for a several year old game is borderline cynical at this point.


care to check pic/steam titles again?,
the rebranding was for the complete package not just the patch, it’s a naming convention screw up
people that want “enhanced edition” are usually referring to the actual enhanced edition/ie goty edition/dlc content -which was made/rebranded for a “complete release”, because of how retail/consol copies work,
even when you go to other retailers ex. playtstation store etc, they have that very same clear distinction vs, and has “nothing” todo with the patch itself
for all intents and purposes "dying light enhanced edition"name/call-sign = Dying light goty/“the full game”, unrelated to the 1.1 patch
and base game is just called “Dying light” still, for purchase purposes, nothing todo with the “enhanced patch”…


I will keep an eye on the season pass and see if I can catch it on sale. I tried to add it to my wish list but I guess that feature is not available for season passes as there was not an option to add to wish list.


don’t know if you use something like ITAD, but there you can add it manually to track if for some reason it doesn’t want to on steam (which i think is weird since usually i’ve no trouble wishlisting dlc/season passes), just log in and click “wait for better price”, that adds it to your notification -if you use ITAD that is ofc; note if your waitlist price is “too low” you ofc wont get notified if it never reaches your set threshhold,
seems it’s been averaging at about 10.20€(i’m in eu) recently, so should probably not set it much lower than that to keep track, unless you’re only interested in a set specific/lower price
(tho i think steam should also let you do it, unless your browser is messing up something/not allowed in region, or if in fact already own it)


Thanks :grinning:
After seeing you had the option to add to wish list, I went back to check and I did have the option. Don’t know if it was a steam error or an operators error :rofl: but it is on the wish list now :grinning: