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Dungeon of the Endless™ - 12/25/19 - $2.89


Today’s deal is Dungeon of the Endless™!



The official trailer for Dungeon of the Endless™:

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Is this the Pixel or Crystal edition of the game?


Base price is listed as $11.99 so I think it’s safe to assume it’s the pixel edition on sale here, but it would be nice of them to specify these things.


Can vouch for this title. Excellent game and loads of fun with friends. A bit of a learning curve, but easily overcome by following the tutorial or asking for assistance from a friend who has already played it. Tricky to learn to manage resources properly, especially late game, but loads of fun to coordinate with your friends on who’ll rush to the exit, who’ll fight off the hoard and who’ll get the objective to the exit. Can be a bit frustrating depending on which characters you have unlocked and some of the stronger options are hidden behind the DLCs.

Personally I wouldn’t endeavor to play it alone, as 4 characters would be two too many to manage on my lonesome. However, if you’re close to the strategy, tower defense and resource management aspect of games, you might be able to breeze through it unlike me.

Worth noting there are different difficulty levels, and that the game prompts you to select “easy” for your first run for a reason… medium is near impossible if you haven’t played it before.

Main downside to me were the controls. A bit on the clunky side but managed to get it working under the Steam controller – k&m works too, but precision is not required and the shortcuts are equally clunky on the default k&m set up. It’s what made me shelf the game the first time I tried to give it a shot. Don’t be like me and power through it: it will feel very rewarding once you figure the game out.


Happy Holidays! Looking forward to see what new stories Alex has cooking up to describe future deals after a well-deserved break.

Also, the community link goes to the front page.


It’s the Pixel Edition! Sorry about that


I played this during the free weekend a while back. There didn’t seem to be any reason not to play FTL instead.