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Dude, Stop - 2/4/19 - $8.24


Today’s deal is Dude, Stop!





So we wanted to start off by saying sorry. We know. Admittedly, this isn’t ideal, and not the look we’re trying to have most of the time, but amazingly, today’s game is actually called “Dude, Stop”, and more than it’s about completing all the simple yet cute puzzles included in the package, it’s about causing the guy who voices the announcer to descend into a neverending living hell of having to watch you play his game poorly. It’s like being in a comment section and getting to watch the guy react in real time, it’s crazy…

And look: I know, right? How are we really supposed to feel? Good for pissing off this made-up narrator? Bad for trolling a guy who’s just doing his job? Embarrassed to be deriving pleasure from torturing a stranger at work? Fortunately for all of us, it’s kind of like a little of all three, so no, technically we’re not all some kind of weird sociopath now. None of the puzzles are hard enough to respect, and the guy’s kind of extra when he’s angry, so maybe this is good innocent fun after all? Maybe instead of “Dude, Stop”, they should call it “Dude, Yes” or “You Know What? Hell Yeah, Dude!” instead, and maybe we’ll feel a little better about it.

But anyway, yeah, it’s fun to play a game that breaks the conventions of “normal” game design, and even though sometimes it feels like you’re administering a psychological test to a graduate student trapped in a vocal booth, it’s worth it just to hear the crazy stuff this guy will eventually say. Just remember he was paid well for his work and that he knew you were going to be a dick to him from the very beginning. Plus today the game’s almost 50% off, so you know, deals. Rock on, you jerks.

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@LordAo I think chrono is trying to tell you something…

Also, I don’t want to be a buzzkill @Ernin8t0r but the trailer for Universe Sandbox 2 looks very different from anything I have seen before. :rofl:


SO…HMMMMMM! We pay to be a troll?:joy:


@LordAo This game about breaking systems for entertainment was picked in your honor.