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Duck Tales is being Removed From Steam


Maybe it goes the way of Castle of Illusion and comes back after a while.


Im pretty sure its because their contract is over. I know they’ve done games with EA so I wonder if theyre going to maybe keep going in that route. … EA has their own platform right?


I think I hear that rumor as well. I’m sure it’ll be back at some point in some form. I hope it’s not a Scott Pilgrim game situation.


Hey guys, maybe they’ll just remake DuckTales and the other games shot-for-shot, but in live action, with real ducks.


Well that sucks. It’s a real shame that companies are able to just nuke digital copies of a game from existence, especially if that game was a digital exclusive. Luckily, Ducktales does have physical releases, so it won’t quite go the way of Scott Pilgrim or P.T.


Well better now then never. I picked it up and have been playing it a bit and it is pretty good


Is it a difficult platformer though?


They’re not removing the game from people’s accounts, just stopping sales of the game. While that’s not a great thing physical games tended to stop being available in stores quite a lot quicker, only for different reasons.


Yah its really hard and when you lose all your lives you have to restart the game


Ouch! I think Commander Keen on DOS might have been like that… don’t remember for sure though. That’s harsh.


lol, what r u talking about, @Danacscott that’s not true, my kids played through that whole game, and that includes a 5-year-old

it’s not hard at all, nor do u have to restart the whole game, just the level


Yeah it’s not a hard game, the old NES game can be slightly more difficult though.


oh maybe im wrong then lol


could be yr talking about another ducktales game, i think there’s another one in some sort of classics collection or something like that, also on steam, more old school type thing


Idk i just bought the one that was like 75% off and i found it kind of hard (i am kind of shit at platformers tho) and i haven’t finished the first level but i thought i heard somewhere that you have to restart the game if you lose all your lives. i might be wrong tho.


im pretty sure u dont cuz like i said my kids managed to finish that game without ever having to restart and they’re pretty young age, lol


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