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Duck Tales is being Removed From Steam


I am as busy as a one armed paper hanger with the crabs…But This is going away ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

It’s on sale; get it if you liked Duck Tales…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh damn… I will highly recommend grabbing it if you don’t already have it. It’s so damn good.
And while it’s not relevant to me it has the original (living) voice actors from the cartoon, that’s surely nostalgic to some of you.


PCGamer needs to work on their rounding. It’s 4 bucks.

Probably another case of the licensing expiring and not being renewed.


This is disappointing. Hopefully it remains on GOG, so I can snag it later when I can.


And suddenly its price will skyrocket since people will snag it for re-sale or mean spirited trades.


It will no doubt return later, under a new contract with another client or under a new bundle. Disney might be aiming for its own gaming platform, for all we know. :sweat_smile:


Another one dons the conspiracy hat, lol.


Well they do love to monopolize, and they have shown they want into various forms of entertainment with purchasing Marvel when it seems so strange to do so and then make a bold move by making a streaming service (and removing their content elsewhere), so it is plausible. :relaxed:


Whoa! No idea, but man, talk about controlling as much of their intellectual property as possible! O_o


@Koroth - If it matters, buy it tonight or tomorrow.


It’s on GOG?


Well. It was. I had it and the Lion King game on my wishlist. :laughing:



They removed their Disney collection already. :worried:


Huh. Disney is totally up to something.


From GOG forum:
“due to the publisher’s request.”

Hrmm… suspicious. I’m sure if they add their own gaming platform I will use it as much as their Movie Platform.


Ha ha. Nice burn. ^^


The jungle book and Hercules are still available on GOG, and currently Aladdin and lion king (and the rest) are still available on Steam as well. Wonder what’s going on? Are those going to be removed as well, or is it just ducktales?


and they are going to make a ton on that service, the cheap price and great content is going to give them a ton of customers.


Probably longer license purchase (or different purchase altogether) and will be removed later. And no, isn’t just Ducktales, because they got removed off of GOG all of the sudden.


Possibly. Lion king and Aladdin were removed a month ago though (was ducktales then too?). We’ll just have to see what happens.

And buy ducktales now while it’s on sale cause it’s great.


Lion King and Aladdin were probably removed because their licenses were purchased earlier and expired earlier. Ducktales I remembered definitely came away later, and so it expired later.