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Driftland: The Magic Revival - 3/4/20 - $10.79


Today’s deal is Driftland: The Magic Revival!





Yo, my dude!

Oh hey, fellow peasant who talks like they’re from the future, how are you doing, bro?

Not bad, honestly! Not bad! Just kinda reeling from all these crazy mages lately. The stuff they’re doing is kinda blowing my mind, you know?

Oh my god dude, totally. It’s like, one second l, I’m all worried about the world exploding because these two mage camps can’t figure their shizz out, and then all of a sudden, everything’s all fractured and floating, but it’s totally holding together!

Yeah man, all these crazy continents barely holding together under a net of powerful magic kinda reminds of that movie which does not exist and that we’ve never seen called Up, you know? Like when he’s got all his balloons ready and he’s about to take off?

Absolutely, my man. You love to see it.

Honestly? I really do.

Yeah, but you know what I can’t stop thinking about?

How we have an expansive knowledge of pop culture from modern-day 2020 Earth even though we’re squarely in this more fantasy-based sword and sorcery-esque realm?

Nah, that’s BORING. I was gonna say Avatar. Like, can you imagine what those wizards could make happen with all those floating rocks?

Oh yeah, Avatar! What a weird thing that was, man! I can’t believe they’re making like three more!

Right, like, did people actually love the movie itself, or was everyone just hype for the 3D?

I mean, I’m sure SOME people liked, but-

Oh dude, look! A battle!

Oh, whoa! You’re right! Wow! You know from up here they kinda look like one of those RTS games we shouldn’t really have any idea about.

You mean considering we’re uneducated townsfolk bystanders in the aftermath of a great magic war in a separate realm?

Yeah. That.

The official trailer for Driftland: The Magic Revival:

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Those are some 'splodey floating islands.


This claims to be a 4X and an RTS? Hm… :poop: