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Dragon Star Varnir - 2/11/20 - $32.49


Today’s deal is Dragon Star Varnir!





Usually we beat around the bush here at, with our flowery descriptions that ask you to come with us on some kind of thought experiment or bizarre line of thinking, and sometimes, we like to believe that it goes far in contextualizing these games for you in a way, even if you don’t realize it. Today is much different because we can easily sell this game to you just by simply explaining what it is: Dragon Star Varnir is an RPG about flying witches who beat the crap out of monsters until it’s possible to eat them, and then they do. Eat them, that is.

Now, it’s not unheard of in an RPG to find a character who loves eating monsters, just look at the weird giant frog clown chef creature Quina in FFIX, but when I think about Quina eating stuff with a comically large fork they carry around with themselves everywhere (which is actually kind of messed up if you think about it), it doesn’t get me hype the same way a sisterhood of floating witches who consume monsters for power does, especially when a large portion of those enemies are sweet ass dragons that grant you awesome skills once they’re in your witchy belly.

The point is, that is the focus of this whole game, and that is very awesome, and while we’re selling the game, it might not be a bad idea to cop this one. You never know with JRPG’s whether it’s gonna be one of those ones you love forever and ever or not, but at least of all the ones you’ve played, this’ll probably be the only one about eating dragons, and with a company like Idea Factory, who’s constantly making games for the anime lover in all of us, this becoming a special game in your life isn’t too crazy of a notion. Who knows? Take your first bite today!

The official trailer for Dragon Star Varnir:

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sigh. So cool. Anyone here ever play it?


I haven’t, but dargons are cool. There should be more dargons in games for players to rule with. Dargons rock.