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Double Kick Heroes - 5/12/20 - $14.99


Today’s deal is Double Kick Heroes!





They came slowly, the whole horde lurching across the sand together like some giant bloody desert slug. Unluckily for them, as a group we had just finished converting our red monster caddy into a post-apocalyptic mobile heavy metal performance stage, and if you think that’s hard to swallow, you tell ME what we should have been doing after the end of the world, because this seemed pretty badass to us. Our guitar lifted his flying V and slung the strap over his shoulder. “Well…” he said, “…guess it’s time to go out like a metal version of the band from the Titanic…”

We were all resigned to do exactly that, but as the hot blood of ritual sacrifice began to boil our metal-drenched hearts, the drummer, who I honestly thought spent most of his time picking his nose and trimming off dingleberries, finally spoke. “No.” We all turned to look at him. I stopped rigging up my keytar for a second, eager for the follow up to such a bold statement. “I had a dream last night where Ronnie James Dio came to me and told me to hook up guns to my kick pedals…” Our eyes grew wide at the thought. My heart was pounding. “…and that’s exactly what I did.”

In an instant, we leapt up. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, and my beautiful wife behind the wheel. The engine snarled like a bear waking from hibernation, and it filled us with seemingly infinite power. “One two three four!” We played and shot and drove and the music was better than we’d ever made, and the undead hordes fell before us, and our hair blew in the wind like demons, and on this day we truly became Double Kick Heroes.

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I like the soundtrack eheh, but Idk about game mechanic. hm


Zombie sharks are cool. Grotesque and terrifying… But cool.