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Double Cross - 3/24/19 - $9.50


Today’s deal is Double Cross!





Dang, what’s up, gamers? Welcome to, where you’re gonna find some of the best daily game deals on the whole wide web! Like, for example, if you haven’t already noticed, today we’re selling Double Cross, an absolutely BEAUTIFUL platformer from that makers of Runbow, for about the same price as a medium range cheeseburger, maybe even with fries included, depending on your region. But have you ever really stopped to think about the alternate dimension where you actually bought and ate a burger instead?

That’s right, Double Cross is all about solving crimes across different wacky dimensions, and without getting too deep into it, there’s a LOT of crazy stuff tucked into the bulging folder in God’s overdue storage unit labeled “infinite possibilities”, even if you did have to dig it out from behind the old metal filing cabinet. And as scientific experts who definitely know what we’re talking about shakes head no, take it from us: just be thankful that humans are so sexy-looking here, and that life is beautiful, and that we’re not all just a bunch of super intelligent gas that floats around all day googling different “Florida Men” and communicating in a language that sounds exactly like it’s purely made up of vocal samples from the song Humpin’ Around by Bobby Brown.

Now, you may be thinking “Wait, what, Chrono? That doesn’t make sense! This is weird even for you!”, but all that means is that you still haven’t realized that infinite possibilities means INFINITE. POSSIBILITIES. What if in another world is a restaurant that sells medium range cheeseburgers with X-shaped patties, and the Double Cross is our Whopper? What if there’s another world just where everyone’s NAME is Whopper? Are you getting it yet? Maybe a little? Isn’t it even fun to think about at least? Eh, whatever. Anyway, enjoy the burger, and thanks again for shopping at!

The official trailer for Double Cross:

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And now…I want a Whopper.:disappointed_relieved: I can’t believe I live in a town with no Burger King.

That game looks cool and so does their other game.

See…This is why Chrono is good. Devs get so much exposure. Even their other games get checked out.