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Door Kickers: Action Squad - 3/9/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Door Kickers: Action Squad!





There are many moments in a gamer’s life that could be described as empowering: getting that platinum trophy after 300 hours, racking up that insane killcount, finally finishing in first in Tetris 99, but take it from us: until you’ve tried it, nothing, and we mean absolutely NOTHING even comes CLOSE to the feeling of finding out that you are completely 100% allowed to shove your steel toed boot right through someone’s locked front door.

It’s like you’re taking someone else’s idea of what it means to be inside their house, and saying “that’s not necessarily inside anymore”. It’s like learning about the concept of a lock without knowing about keys. It’s like swinging around a sledgehammer in a furniture store, except some people actually do it for their job. It’s great.

Which is why we’re here for you with a game called “Door Kickers: Action Squad” and not “Door Kickers: Relaxing Vacation”. Yes it’s a couch co-op SWAT team game and yes, there’s way more to besides just line up and kick down doors for hours at a time, but listen: when you find something in this life that bring you joy, you should figure out a way to do it as much as you want without hurting anybody, and once you understand the beauty of kicking down doors for yourself, grab this game. We’ll even take the liberty of saying “you’re welcome” ahead of time. That’s how serious we are about kicking down doors.

The official trailer for Door Kickers: Action Squad:

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Retro and tacticool sounds good enough for me to buy (so I did). One for me, and one for a friend.

Although please don’t say zombie horde added for a new way to play. It’s kind of something I’m not as excited to hear anymore. But I’m sure it does give extra variety in this game though.


If you haven’t played the first Door Kickers do so…it’s an incredibly good tactical experience.


Dang I didn’t even notice that you used my review in the description! That’s so cool! Thank you!

This game really isn’t anything like the original Door Kickers, but carves its own fun path in the world of side-scrolling shooters. It’s got the feel of a beat’em up game except you do have to get a little bit tactical - especially in rescuing hostages that can easily be taken out by stray shots or explosions. It has a fair bit of content to it as well. I’m not sure why it only says four hours because it took me eight hours and I was moving at a pretty brisk pace.

It also has a really fantastic soundtrack that I’ve listened to quite a bit outside of the game since beating it.

Here’s my video on it (full review in the description)


I’ve seen it, but I don’t know if I want the top-down perspective. More into classic Rainbow Six or SWAT 3/4 (original FMV SWAT was too weird and meaningless for me to enjoy as there’s no ending, and I didn’t care for RTS SWAT). Side-scrolling I’ll give a chance though.