DONE. A VERY small jinglejam giveaway DONE. IT IS OVER

:game_die: 1


Our final winner is @Animosity!!
Thank you for playing and have a pleasant holiday season.


@anyamtikja Thanks for the game and happy holidays!


Oh my gosh, that’s too funny. Thank you again, super excited to relieve some stress with this gift. Means a lot right now! :gift: :gift_heart: :hugs:

P.S. SUPERHOT is a blast, have both 2D and VR versions already haha. Hopefully someone who hasn’t been able to try it out can have the chance.


Superhot has been out long enough (and on sale enough) that most people who wanted to play it probably already had it.


nothing i was just searching for some websites then, there were some articles saying about chrono that it used to give free game keys and that it shutdown so i just joined it


Right. Few years back there was a coin collecting game. Each day you logged in, you received coins that you might use for purchasing games (just mentioning: daily login wasnt the only way to collect coins).
Now the free games are no more available, but the community is very active and you may notice or spot many FREE games in other topics of the forum.
Many of us post newly found free games on different platforms like steam, epic games store,, ubisoft connect or indieGala and some online game stores (for example Humble bundle is well known for giveaways)

Time to time you may even find giveaways like this on

Good Luck! Is worth to watch the topics so you never miss a single free game, I personaly own over 300 games that were free before (not counting F2P games and those from and indieGala)