Dollar Classics Bundle at Fanatical

It is for $1.00 USD, for 21** games. **(19 games you get currently, 2 missing from keys list, need to contact Support to get the last 2 keys)

These games are all retro-style, thus the classics label. I looked at the store fronts, most are fairly recent releases, a couple of older games. They have graphics and feel of Atari, NES, SNES games. I think I had none of them? So I picked this bundle up, comes out to a little less than 5 cents per game, I will basically try anything at that price. And if I find one or two games that are good, then it’s a good find. :smile:

The games are as the following (I have provided Steam store pages linked):

  1. Daemonsgate
  2. The Great Escape
  3. Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess
  4. Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection
  5. Last Rites
  6. Prophecy I - The Viking Child
  7. Drakkhen
  8. Pushover
  9. Where Time Stood Still
  10. Tunnel B1
  11. ELF
  12. Central Intelligence
  13. King’s Table - The Legend of Ragnarok
  14. Eternam
  15. Chaos Control
  16. Sleepwalker
  17. Bubble Ghost
  18. Mystical
  19. Alien Rampage
    ???20. Marco Polo
    ???21. Hostage: Rescue Mission

Please note:

Thanks to @knife4life, these last two are marked with ??? now because the keys did not come included in the bundle set of keys for him or for me. You will need to look at your order keys closely after ordering the bundle. If you do not see them, please get in touch with Fanatical via a support ticket.

At least Fanatical is responsive via email, both of us received our keys within 1 hour of asking. I hope they do fix this on the actual site, otherwise the tech support guy is going to be responding to a lot of customer emails.


Wow, I remember having an old ZX Spectrum cassette tape with The Great Escape on it…these are OLD!

Not for me, but if you fancy retro then at that price it’s a steal.


Some are old, I think a lot of them are retro style newer games that just didn’t sell well. It’s hard to please with this kind of style and graphics when there are things like Hollow Knight, Mark of the Ninja, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XV, etc available…

I completely agree. :smile:


It’s a steal for only 1$ / 1 Euro.

Keep in mind though: you only get 19 games at the moment. Marco Polo and Hostage: Rescue Mission are not included for some reason. This is probably just a technical issue so they’ll hopefully be added later on.


oh, weird… I just checked my keys, I have 12 keys, one of them being 8 of them altogether.

But you are right, that makes 19, not 21!

Are you planning to contact Fanatical about it?


I’ve sent a support ticket asking about the two missing games. I’ll let you know if i get a reply.




:+1: cheers, mighty curious to hear what they say/why they’d list 2 games if apparently it’s not there

at times a bundle might have contained games not listed on the page, but if a game got removed from the pack, Fanatical usually also removes it from the “list”, so that is peculiar indeed :thinking:


I added Pushover not too long ago when I saw it on Steam, used to play it on SNES, but I don’t know if I’m going to get this bundle just for the one, steam sale is really close!


I just received a response from Fanatical Customer Service:

Screenshot of the response:

They sent me steam keys for the 2 missing games, but haven’t said anything about why those games were missing, or if the issue has been solved or not.
So if you bought the bundle but are missing some games i suggest sending a support ticket just to be sure.


Interesting… I wonder if they will make a site-wide announcement or something… Or they will only send the keys to people who ask about them.

I will put the support ticket in right away.

Thank you, again.


Yeah, i’m also a bit sceptical. I sent another reply asking about 2 things:

  • Has the issue been solved for future buyers
  • Will everyone that did not get all games have to send a support ticket, or will the missing games be added to the purchase page automatically

But like i said, sending a support ticket is the best way to get your missing games (for now)


Hopefully they play nice and just add the game to everyone’s bundle. I think that’s the most fair thing to do.

I did send the support ticket, just going to sit and wait for a little while. You heard back rather quickly, so that’s nice.

I have also edited the first post to reflect this current difficulty.


… I guess not:


That does not seem to be the proper thing to do, but I guess as long as they get the keys out to everyone in the end. But what a hassle…

I received my keys, it was rather quick turn around on the email at least. So I have received all 21 games out of the bundle.


Just picked this up, but it’s gonna take me a while to check them out. In the meantime, let me know if you discover anything good in here. Too many games! :scream:


You are, NOW, one of us.:crazy_face::dizzy_face::clown_face::upside_down_face:

Yes, I will be getting this!:exploding_head: