Does anybody have this game in their library and can you tell me its title please?

I once saw this neat little Indie game on the store page where you take control of a ship and collect resources on a planet. As you do, you also need to fend of monsters trying to stop you from your work. Every monster has an elemental strength and weakness that plays along the lines of rock-paper-scissors. As you collect resources you get ship upgrades, powerups in the shape of tetris blocks and in order to maximize your ship’s upgrades you needed to fit the elemental tetris blocks into your ships hold. I hope this is enough information for somebody to help me track down this unique game.

I also remember…

The game I’m looking for is a 2D shooter of sorts and unless I’m mistaken also was a bit Rogue like because when you die and restart the game it randomizes the kinds of enemies you encounter. The game’s combat was kind of like turn based and when you shoot at enemies your shots can sometimes push them in the direction you shoot. So if you shoot at an enemy from the left they get pushed to the right. This is important because pushing enemies towards another can start a chain attack which makes killing enemies easier. The best way I can describe combat in the game is kind of like it works in “Star Vikings Forever” but instead of controling a group of Space Vikings, you only control one lone ship and you need to collect tetris block shaped power ups to strengthen your ship. Also the ship’s hold is fairly small so as you progress you’d need to swap out tetris block power ups with others that match up with the enemies’ elemental weaknesses. Oh and I also remembered, you can’t rotate the tetris blocks to better fit in the ship’s hold.

I know with so much details I remember about the game I should already know its title, but sadly I can’t recall it which is why I posted this topic here. Also my knowledge of the game’s gameplay mechanics came about from watching a Let’s Play video of it after I first saw the game on the Steam Store. Man how I wish I’d wishlisted it at that time :frowning:


Try looking at some of these games. Maybe you‘ll find it, because I‘ve tried multiple Google searches with your information and couldn‘t find anything. The main point being a mechannic like Tetris really messes up the search results.

But it‘s not Into The Breach is it?

This one seems close enough?!


Edited my post, check the links.


Uh maybe:


I’m frankly out of ideas.

Question: when did you watch the gameplay? Maybe you can go to your Youtube history and patiently look through it until you find it. I’ve had to do that on a few occasions as well. It’s doable. :blush:


I do not possess the knowledge of space games, but I’ll throw some stuff here and perhaps it’s what you’re looking for.


@DownwardConcept It’s not Into the Breach, also I browsed that extensive list you provided but it isn’t there, thanks anyway though :slight_smile:

@coralinecastell Not those either :confused: I also tried looking back at my Youtube History but couldn’t find it :frowning:

@Enki Not any of those either, but thanks anyway.

One major thing screwing up my search for the game though is Steam’s “Games similar to…” feature itself as it is showing me games like GTA V, Dota 2 and Warhammer as games being similar to things like “Pixel Shopkeeper” :smirk: How are those games even similar to an indie pixel art game?

Also if I recall correctly, the game was an early access game so maybe the Developer (author) pulled it off of Steam?

Anyhoo, thanks for your help folks :slight_smile:


Any other tiny details you may remember? some of the next ones may be useful

  • It’s price
  • How long ago was this
  • The aesthetic or art style
  • Characters or creature description
  • You say is 2D, is isometric, side view, top view, etc.?
  • A more in deep description of gameplay
  • You mention Vikings Forever, that one looks like Plants vs Zombies, is it really like that?
  • How about the YouTube channel, anything of relevance about the person or the channel itself
  • Even a logo could be useful
  • Holy crap look at all these points I’m making
  • This is getting kind of pointless


Price? Maybe under $5 USD, I say this because games are cheaper in my region so I’m basing the price on my regional currency.

How long ago was this? As I mentioned it was around March or April.

Art style is 16 bit pixel graphics.

Character design is a spaceship with a hole in the middle for its powerup storage hold. Creatures in it were spindly alien things.

It was a top down shooter kind of deal. Actually the view is top down but you progress by clearing one map at a time.

Gameplay was a mix of a shooter and turn based strategy. As you kill enemies you collect powerups in the shape of tetris blocks but you can only fit them in your ship’s hold in the orientation they appear, you can’t rotate them to maximize storage efficiency. I also remember each powerup has an elemental attribute and you need to collect the elemental attribute the monsters you encounter are weak against. However, the shape of the powerup block doesn’t determine its element, so you can get elemental blocks that look similar to one another and in some cases you’d need to get rid of a few to fit inside your ship.

Dude, Star Vikings Forever doesn’t play like Plants versus Zombies. And neither does the game I’m looking for.

I can’t recall whose Youtube channel it was I watched gameplay footage of the game on, but at least I’m pretty sure its from a dude who reviews new Steam games as they become available on the store. At first I thought it was “DGA” (Dad’s Gaming Addiction) but I browsed through his entire video collection and it wasn’t him.

As for the logo of the game, It was kind of like a blue, red and yellow blocks thing, I think. I know this might not be too helpful.

I am sorry though that this thing has stressed you guys out as well.


It doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever seen, but with the details you’ve provided I’m pretty sure anyone who’ve played it would recognize your description of it. That weird tetris inventory system should probably stick out in memory, but a very hard thing to use as a search term to find it on.


Yup, this game’s name eluding us is driving me nuts. If only Steam’s “More games like this” feature isn’t currently FUBAR’d I’d have seen it again already as I do remember being “recommended” this game by the “More games like this” feature on games with the puzzle tag. For example, “Pixel Shopkeeper” which also utilized Tetris shaped blocks in its dungeon raiding and item collecting mini game. But in its current state, the feature isn’t working properly. How can be GTA V, Dota 2 and the Warhammer games be similar to games like Pixel Shopkeeper and You Must Build a Boat? ???

And as a possible answer, I do consider the possibility that the game has been pulled out of Steam seeing as the first time I saw it is when it was still an early access game.


Dude, that’s totally Pharmakon! it has to be!

This is the only reason I was able to find it…


Wow… seeing this now everything makes total sense :smiley:
Great job!


Wow, good job at finding the game! Now @CRV2017 can maybe have a smiley face for once. :slight_smile:


And from the looks of it it was dads gaming addict that did the video he mantilned as a review fron them with a link to a video is on the steam page



Thank you!

Man you’re a life saver :innocent:


So it was DGA after all :fearful:

I guess his video was buried too deeply for me to locate easily.

And again, I’m thankful to you guys, now I’m off to get the game.




Oh my, I actually saw Briarstone play this game, but it was last year so yeah, I would never remember. haha


Okay, I give in…

But I will play my

card though LOL :rofl:

And thanks again guys and gals.


Card City Nights 2, I can tell you where that is from.


Card City Nights 1, pal :slight_smile: