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Do Not Feed the Monkeys - 9/8/19 - $3.99


Today’s deal is Do Not Feed the Monkeys!





You are in your bathroom, sitting on the toilet in total silence. You hear a crackling sound. You feel curious, almost a little concerned. Suddenly, like in a movie where a blind person is has super good hearing, you quickly turn your ear toward the sink, and the camera whooshes with a deep bass sound right up to the drain, where it’s revealed that the crackling is some leftover soap bubbles, quietly popping away in a small froth.

Suddenly, dripping. Same type of shot, but this time we zoom in on the faucet in the tub, where the sounds are exaggerated and amplified. It happens again, but this time it’s the AC turning on.

Now the pace quickens. It keeps happening, but to more impossible things, like a blooping sound on a stationary shampoo bottle, creaking wood on a closed cabinet, enormous scratching as you wipe your butt, all sort of quickly smash cut together like Edgar Wright.

Next, it moves out of the bathroom, even though you’re still sitting on the toilet. A roommate in the kitchen scratching his nose. A glass in the living room making a ridiculous crystalline sound, a super slowed down bird whooshing in a tree outside, a leaf touching down from the tree that sounds almost like an explosion. Now it moves beyond the neighborhood. A man in a coffee shop turning a page in a book. Leathery creaking as a business man walk through his office with a briefcase in hand. The hum of a neon sign in China.

Now it’s impossible stuff. A cowboy’s jingling spurs. The glug glug of a root beer being poured over ice cream in the 1950’s. 70’s teenagers toking on a “roach”. Futuristic people, staring at each other with their eyes glazed over and their mouths wide open, idly beeping.

Finally, we see God, in the clouds, at a writing desk. Your head snap turns back in the bathroom. Back in heaven we slowly push in, which gradually starts to center arounds God’s ass area. Just as we begin to notice, God farts a quiet squirty space fart. God’s surprised face, eyes wide. Fast whooshing zoom into his eye, where a small glinting sparkle is slowly revealed to be security footage of the bathroom where you’ve still been sitting this whole time.

Before the sound even finishes, God’s fart blends together with the ploop of your own dookie dropping into the toilet.

Smash cut to black.

The official trailer for Do Not Feed the Monkeys:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Do Not Feed The Monkeys has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $4.94 on Savemi.

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I had fun playing this but it is mostly a gimmick that only has a short-term value. $4 is the right price for this game, but skip it if you miss the sale.


Greeeaaaat game! I loved it to bits. There’s a review of mine for it on the previous time this was on Chrono somewhere. I’m on mobile else I’d link to it.

I mildly disagree with @ohko and would argue it’s worth the full asking price.


I’ll link to the review (quite detailed without spoiling). Actually I was thinking about this very review when I saw the deal too. Full credit goes to @coralinecastell .


Me too :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Awesome minds think alike!