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Do Not Feed The Monkeys - 5/13/20 - $4.49


Today’s deal is Do Not Feed the Monkeys!





We know it’s weird because we’re all in our houses all the time right now for the most part, so it’s slightly scarier to ask the question, but like, do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Do you even think about all the different hot mics and cams that are everywhere around you? Everyone always talks about the government listening to you through your TV or your Alexa or whatever, but isn’t the even more interesting/disturbing scenario one where it’s not the government but someone else?

Now would be the time that if you were eating a giant bowl of cereal you would stop cold, stare at your webcam that’s SUPPOSED to be turned off, and then chew a few more ginger chomps before swallowing it all in a cartoonishly round clump like Goofy eating a golf ball. Can they also hear you through your cell phone mic? What about your kindle? What about the VR sensors in your room that created a perfect 3D model of your zone?

It’s definitely a creepy thought, and even more creepy is the question of who would do this, but lucky for you this morning, via the magic of cheap and excellent video games being served up hot and fresh to you each and every day, today YOU get to be the creeper on the other side of the camera, so what will you do to the people you watch? Will you torment them? Will you merely observe? Or will you get involved with their lives and mix yourself up in their drama out of a desire to help them? The choice is yours, but remember: Don’t Feed The Monkeys.

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I have, yet, to play this but I got it because of @coralinecastell’s review. Always enjoyed her reviews. It’s probably too soon but read her review…

Also @missiloon’s review:


For the origin of @coralinecastell’s review, you can see it here:

Thank you @coralinecastell for doing more than I asked. I only asked for a first impression because you only had a few hours to play and write this on the same day you received it. I wanted to promote’s deal while it was still active, and you delivered very quickly (somehow hitting one of many endings already). I regret knowing you didn’t get a chance to play Yakuza Kiwami and I remember how excited you were in getting a key. Games aside, I’ve never stopped missing you. Honestly, if @delenn13 didn’t mention it, I would’ve done it first because it was the first thing I thought of upon seeing today’s deal. Thank you @delenn13 for honoring my fellow Awesome Person.