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Do Not Feed the Monkeys - 1/26/19 - $7


Today’s deal is Do Not Feed the Monkeys!





You are in your bathroom, sitting on the toilet in total silence. You hear a crackling sound. You feel curious, almost a little concerned. Suddenly, like in a movie where a blind person is has super good hearing, you quickly turn your ear toward the sink, and the camera whooshes with a deep bass sound right up to the drain, where it’s revealed that the crackling is some leftover soap bubbles, quietly popping away in a small froth.

Suddenly, dripping. Same type of shot, but this time we zoom in on the faucet in the tub, where the sounds are exaggerated and amplified. It happens again, but this time it’s the AC turning on.

Now the pace quickens. It keeps happening, but to more impossible things, like a blooping sound on a stationary shampoo bottle, creaking wood on a closed cabinet, enormous scratching as you wipe your butt, all sort of quickly smash cut together like Edgar Wright.

Next, it moves out of the bathroom, even though you’re still sitting on the toilet. A roommate in the kitchen scratching his nose. A glass in the living room making a ridiculous crystalline sound, a super slowed down bird whooshing in a tree outside, a leaf touching down from the tree that sounds almost like an explosion. Now it moves beyond the neighborhood. A man in a coffee shop turning a page in a book. Leathery creaking as a business man walk through his office with a briefcase in hand. The hum of a neon sign in China.

Now it’s impossible stuff. A cowboy’s jingling spurs. The glug glug of a root beer being poured over ice cream in the 1950’s. 70’s teenagers toking on a “roach”. Futuristic people, staring at each other with their eyes glazed over and their mouths wide open, idly beeping.

Finally, we see God, in the clouds, at a writing desk. Your head snap turns back in the bathroom. Back in heaven we slowly push in, which gradually starts to center arounds God’s ass area. Just as we begin to notice, God farts a quiet squirty space fart. God’s surprised face, eyes wide. Fast whooshing zoom into his eye, where a small glinting sparkle is slowly revealed to be security footage of the bathroom where you’ve still been sitting this whole time.

Before the sound even finishes, God’s fart blends together with the ploop of your own dookie dropping into the toilet.

Smash cut to black.

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@coralinecastell, the Chrono gods heard your call…


Holy shit. I’ve been trying to trade for this game.

But sadly 1 I have no money (hah at all… kinda worried tbh) and 2 it’s cheaper to buy in BRL from steam at full price.

Oh well. I hope others enjoy it! Seems to be one of the best games of 2018. :blush:


Ok so I logged in to talk about this game, and a series of amazing events has happened, which took me an exceptionally long time to get to this point.

Anyway, I have Orwell, Signal Ops, Beholder, Republique, and Clandestine. I’ve also played Lifeline (PS2), but not Need To Know. With that said, this game seems like it’s up my alley so I’ll bite.

… Erm, I would like to know why the protagonist doesn’t have cameras watching outside the bedroom door though. Cause I’d barricade myself and only open if I see trusted people with food and drink, while cameras will tell me if it’s a sting,



but it’s so perfect for what you said I had to send :joy:


One of my favorite scenes! I forgot it was a three step process, I only remembered the paper and lead.


someone was generous enough to gift me Do Not Feed the Monkeys. We striked a deal: a key for a review.

I’m following my usual Steam review structure. I hope this piece stands up to their generosity.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Review

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”
– George Orwell, 1984


I’ve only unlocked ONE of the THREE main endings of Do Not Feed the Monkeys in my 2.5 hours of gameplay.

General Thoughts

20th-century Science Fiction saw a wave of quality dystopian literature. It poured from the likes of Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, Heinlein, Silverberg, Ursula Le Guin, Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Adouls Huxley, Orwell… it’s a long list.

The 21st-century, by contrast, has seen fewer prominent dystopian titles. But we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the genre doesn’t have enough material to fuel our nightmares about the future: it seems like the baton has just been passed to gaming.

For the past two decades, big studios and indie studios alike have been working extra hours and coding themselves into bankruptcy to try and capture the equilibrium between the gnarly likely future and the sliver of hope we need to maintain in order to actually finish their games.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys has certainly succeeded in doing exactly that. Its premise is simple: you must watch the monkeys and not interact with them. If you feed them (and get found out) you are immediately expelled from the Club… and then there’s the police to worry about.

So what makes Monkeys – for short – stand out? Mainly, it provides something that many of us, gamers interested in branching stories, are starved for: choices that actually matter. During gameplay, you must complete tasks for each cage you watch. But if you’re creative, there’s more to it than that…

Spoilers aside, Monkeys values your choices not only by translating your actions into immediate environmental changes, but by remembering and referring back to them by the end-game.

To add to that, it’s also filled to the brim with Easter-eggs, stylish graphics, clever writing and functional gameplay. Not once did Monkeys feel slow or boring, there was always something to do.

The survival mechanics were not overbearing, the quests were clearly stated and, although surprising, the consequences of thinking outside of the box always felt within what was expected, instead of cheating on the game’s side – who hasn’t regretted picking a dialogue option that seemed like it meant something else?

All-in-all, Monkeys succeeds at keeping players on their toes by immersing them into a fleshed-out and likely future without going over the top with its creative ideas.


Do Not Feed the Monkeys receives a strong recommendation if you’re interested in branching stories, surprises, reading important e-mails, keeping your eyes open, being an obedient little monkey and staying in-doors at all times to listen to every bit they say, do you understand?

Be a part of the prestigious Primate Observation Club. Maybe you’ll even be rewarded access to The Cage of the Big Primate. Curious? We are selective, but we’re sure you’d be a fine specimen addition.

Whew thanks for reading! Not on Steam yet because I’m sleepy and I’m sure there are a few typos. Feedback appreciated so I can post an even sharper version. :blush:

Now I’m going to sleep instead of drinking coffee to stay awake watching some primates carry on with their mundane lives and hopefully profit off of the fact no one hires hackers to protect their security system and oh what is that? A bank robbery? I know someone who’ll be interested in this valuable intel…

Sleep well, peeps! Remember to make sure your curtains are closed while you catch some ZZZs… :monkey_face:


Wow, you produced this on the same day as when you received it?! Whoever gifted it to you better tell you that this exceeds their expectations. If that person doesn’t say it EXCEEDS it, let me know and I will make that person apologize for being overdemanding. I mean, we can read your thoughts with plenty of time to decide whether to take advantage of yesterday’s deal or not (especially in Eastern timezones).

Most people would’ve written it as an E3 demo impression. You’ve completed one full playthrough and made a full-blown spoiler free review following a standardized format you have designed for Steam reviews, so it’s organized and easy to read. Goodness that is a FANTASTIC JOB for a review request under such short notice! I mean, did the developer/publisher put you up to this?! This is something professionals do in an office with a LOT of stress from the pressures of deadlines.

In any case, Fictiorama Studios would be happy to see your finalized Steam review. I don’t have any typo suggestions namely because any typos you may have produced is really hard to find for me. It’s not the obvious type like most casual writing on the internet, though I certainly wouldn’t call your review casual writing either. You’ve put care in your writing, and I’m starting to wonder if your sponsor is even aware of this after getting you a key. I mean, I didn’t see this coming for one thing.

Again, fantastic job and it certainly exceeds what is needed to promote this game here for and Fictiorama Studios. I love how organized this is and how well produced it is under presumably short notice.


Woah such gushing compliments! I don’t even know what to say other than thank you.

You’re very generous with your words and I truly appreciate it.

I’ll post it on Steam, then. :blush:

I’m glad you enjoyed the read! :open_book:


It’s done! With a few minor changes and one extra pun, my review is now on Steam. Feel free to mark it as ‘helpful’ if it helped you! Cheers. :wave: