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Division 2, Rocket League, Metro Exodus and more on Epic Games, NOT Steam store


Where is there evidence of that? No game which has Denuvo protection has shown any evidence of this being a concern yet.

I must have missed that in either of those two topics because I can’t see it mentioned. Nevertheless, even Steam leaves files behind for some games when you select the uninstall option.

Which companies have actively refused to remove it?


Metal Gear Rising for Mac. In addition to this, I got to experience Games for Windows Live and its shutdown. It’s going to happen eventually. Considering how fast I’m moving through my game backlog, there is a real chance that something will have succeeded Denuvo. I also play older games occasionally. Like call to power 2.

Leaving files in conjunction with not saying it’s there plus that Denuvo is old SecuROM.

Frontier developments. Said no plans to remove on planet coaster.


That’s not planned obsolescence though…

Leaving files isn’t solely something related to Denuvo protected games and are there any games on Steam that have Denuvo that don’t have it advertised on their store page?

How is that actively refusing to do so? It’s just them saying they’re not changing anything. Is there any reason that they should be removing it at the moment given that we’re having a hard time showing Denuvo is compromising anyone’s experience?



For the leaving files, yes I know, hence in conjunction. It has to do with it appearing sketchy.

Okay, planned may be an incorrect term. While we could continue to argue semantics, I’ll say eventual obsolescence will suffice.

IIRC they also included it in an FAQ. It was in response to continued questions on the forums to remove it. While technically yes, the company isn’t saying no to every single instance, when they say no plans and the mods in the forums deflect Denuvo comments to said statement, that is probably as realistically close to active as possible. Especially since most companies simply say nothing.


So we have one game where it’s not been publicly declared (although this will probably change thanks to GDPR laws).

And obsolescence is one possible outcome. Until that time comes when the Denuvo servers go down we won’t know what will happen. Until that day it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll send out some form of patch or the games will die.

And from what I can see the implementation of Denuvo in Planet Coaster is very well done and doesn’t cause issues. If they leave it in there and it’s not causing any demonstrable problems isn’t the problem just a vocal minority?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m merely playing devil’s advocate and I’m no fan of intrusive DRM, but in the case of Denuvo it seems people believe it to be more problematic than it actually is.

A bit like the current situation in the UK with all the laws that the EU imposes upon the UK…yeah, all those laws like… and …


And that’s where the conversation went over board.
There’s really nothing left worth saying at this point so how about we just leave it, yeah?


Agreed. Was about ready to end it anyway.


To help return to the rails of the thread. Unless there is a game that I would really like that shows up for free on Epic, I’m probably only going to get the launcher when Journey gets remastered. Speaking of which, I REALLY hope they make it able to run 2160p (4k).


Whilst I won’t disagree, it’s just cutting off conversation that perpetuates myths about things being much worse than they are. Denuvo, as it’s implemented today is NOT the equivalent of the Sony BMG rootkit scandal of 2005. It’s more like the equivalent of people saying that MP3’s at 320kbps are not the same as FLAC. In the vast majority of cases the problem is not apparent, and worrying about what might be is tantamount to scaremongering as things are today.


Seems people are still pissed at the situation that they’re currently review bombing the other metro games on steam right now.


The Metro YouTube channel also uploaded a video today about one of the weapon classes in the game and It’s got quite a few dislikes on it as well.


While I don’t wish to continue this. I know there is a lot of misinformation out there. I like to keep it at: “I don’t like it”. I have my reasons and they don’t always translate well from thoughts to words.

Anyway, since technically I started this, I’m going to kill it. If people want to discuss this further, I have an inbox. Send me a PM.



k, great, but just cuz this is still the internet and we have to follow procedure:

something something Denuvo something something Hitler something something cute cats on youtube something

there, I think it’s fine now


According to Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz, Epic’s more appealing revenue split–the storefront gives developers 88% of their revenue while Epic only takes 12%–was one of the deciding factors behind the move.

“Epic’s generous revenue terms are a game changer that will allow publishers to invest more into content creation, or pass on savings to the players,” Kundratitz said. Indeed, in the US, the PC version of Metro Exodus will retail for $50–$10 cheaper than the $60 price tag the game carried on Steam while it was still available.


Except as far as I can see that’s a US only deal. Certainly the price in GBP was the same on Steam and the Epic Game Store.


y it is, lol; whoever lives outside of the US only has themselves to blame i guess, rofl



good read


Deep Silver can enjoy 88% of my $0.
I will never buy Metro Exodus now, which is a shame because I loved the series.
Complete boycott on any game that goes “exclusive”, even if it’s for the first year.
Store exclusives are not competition. They are anti-competition and anti-consumer.
Especially doing this close before launch is dirty as hell. Epic has zero benefits for consumers.
I will never trust Epic and they will never get a dollar from me.