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Division 2, Rocket League, Metro Exodus and more on Epic Games, NOT Steam store


I thought it was curious they paired it with the 2080ti. Watched some stuff on it and it’s basically AMD version of the 2080. Supposedly without Rtx (which imho still doesn’t have enough uses to justify comparing) and with a higher wattage. Would be interesting to see when the costs equalize buying AMD and freesync versus rtx and gsync.


It’s a bit of false equivalence, but listing specs from both sides is always a great idea. I’m sure you can have a great 4K60 experience on either card, but definitely not maxed out with Nvidia ___works + RTX.

Edit: in retrospect, uhh, that doesn’t look good. It wasn’t meant to look like a censored word, I was leaving it blank because there’s Turfworks, Gameworks, Hairworks, etc.


dang, if those are the requirements/recommendations, imagine how it will run on consoles then :grimacing:

yea pretty sure that’s gonna apply to the above too :+1: :smile:


It’ll run at 30 FPS, probably 900p. Those are 4K requirements. I’d imagine consoles will be on par with Medium-High-ish settings, which also happens to look great.

Also, if it’s like the first game, it’s going to be optimized with 30 FPS in mind and the engine will definitely reflect this.

The Pro will probably target 1440p, while the X will probably end up between 1600-1800p if I had to guess. I don’t think consoles will get the full 4K experience, not by default at least; in this case, the pixel count is high enough that they should probably just focus on graphical fidelity and stable performance with that extra GPU power.


what do you mean?
there is an option to set custom tags for games in your library im pretty sure
or is that not what you were talking about?


How do I sort my game library by custom tags?


ctrl click to select X games
right click, “set category”, invent your own categories for your X section of games


I don’t mean categories though…is that what you’re directing me to?

(I’ve already grossly done that).

What I’d like would be to tag a game Metroidvania and get all those to show up when searched. Or Metoridvania and Space for two tags. Not just cut my library up into sub sets.


think what you’re looking for then is maybe something along the line sof this

otherwise yea you have to sort through categories manually and add each metroid/“X type game” to each category as you get them, because why would steam integrate 1 steam feature into another section of their system for seamless user experience by letting us aplpy store tags to our library too, “who would ever use that” :wink:


Already familiar with depressurizer (posted in that topic!) and tiki-one steam cleaner. So my request still stands…custom tagging. Cutting a library up the way we have to is still stupid.


:+1: not disagreeing with you there :smile: (especially back when library Categories didn’t even carry over to new/diff/other machines):joy:
you can’t spell Valve without wonky…


im sorry i never used any kind of sorting so i was unsure about what you wanted
just thought maybe by chance you did not come accross that feature in steam and i could possibly help a little but it seems that was not the case :frowning:


No need to apologise. It’s quite possible that It was as you thought and I was unaware of categories so I appreciate the contribution…never hesitate in trying to help me out! :slight_smile:



Yeah, I don’t have data. It was just my reaction to a change in a market that is rather static for most of its existence. It’s not just about the freebies, but that Epic is boldly competitive. Boldly might not be the correct word as there was no direct translation from the German word I would’ve used.
I’ve never used GOG and that only plays into my opinion about Epic being able to switch things up.
Again, it’s just my opinion. No numbers or anything. Just my reaction to what has happened.


I’m not really looking for monetary benefits for customers. I think PC gaming as it is is already dirt cheap, so that’s not my concern. What I’m talking about is improvement in the overall experience along the lines of what @xist has mentioned. In my opinion, again just based on my experience and feelings (I guess?), Steam makes enough money as is, so they’re not too concerned about their service. Why change something that works, right? I mean, look at how long it took Steam to change Greenlight, although it has been bugging most consumers for years. My hope (!) is that they change their mentality when they have more competition.


yea yea i agree, Steam is not facing any serious threat as is to its “survival”, and them focusing on improving customer experiences/features/“qol” would also be more appealing imo than them cozying up to devs/publishers turning away towards Epic.
Was more meant in terms of meaning for (those) saying steam should give customer better benefits to lure lost/losing games “back”, as in the case with Division 2, and other Epic store games, for example. There i’m more like “how does steam cozying up to users appeal to Ubisoft/Bethesda/Activision/EA/Xindie game to return their game to the store -when those clearly left for a bigger slice of green pie?”

Since steam is in no trouble, and far from, “atm”, (and i personally not really caring about Epics upcoming “exclusives” myself), and me being confident Steams sheer marketshare will let them maintain a proper position for getting more/future games, means i’m not worried at all.
To where i’d also just like them to focus on fixing their growing mess of a client,
(but just find the notion mentioned above a little silly for its implied relation -at least that’s sorta how i’ve been reading some of them, “oh noes games going away from steam, steam should make customers more happy to make steam more popular that will make games/devs return to Steam for its popular/large (&happy) userbase and stronk position in the market”, but i’ve might have read too much into some posts if not then).


Yeah, I wasn’t even concerned about the exclusives in regards to me being able to get them. I just thought it was a power move from Epic that they get exclusive games now, something I’ve only known from consoles, and that’s a direct threat to Steam, because when games are sold across all clients Steam doesn’t really suffer from it. At least not to an extent that I would know about it. I get how that could’ve been understood that way in the context, though, so I should’ve clarified.


i think it could have been more me having read similar on steam forums that was obvious in being that sentiment, so i just automatically connected the appearance of what could be similar notions here as being “exactly the same”. Which would be sorta my bad then, since there are more than just one flavour of apples in the world :blush:


It doesn’t help Uplay at all either that they have all that stigma. Them simply moving from a secondary client from Steam to a lesser client doesn’t remove it. I don’t know what they are thinking if they honestly believe that Epic is going to significantly launch their games’ success more than Steam could have, as if the games’ quality wasn’t at fault but rather Steam.


It’s not even the game’s quality alone, sure Ubisoft games have not been exactly stellar examples of the art of videogames as of late. But quite frankly they’re not bad, when they work at all. It’s rather Uplay itself that’s the problem in my mind, there’s a good handful of ubisoft titles I’d consider picking up if Uplay wasn’t in the picture like a grimy 4 year old eating their boogers while hanging off the hip of the woman you tried chatting up in the grocery store queue.

…oh god, now it’s smearing them on the conveyor belt and she’s not even noticing.


but what exactly is the issue with Uplay though? I never use Uplay as a launcher, but ofc i do have it installed and it does launch when i launch their games through Steam, but it doesn’t bother or impact me in any way so i dont get what the problem is with it