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Distrust: Polar Survival - 8/31/19 - $1.49


Today’s deal is Distrust: Polar Survival!





There is a special kind of clarity that comes from sleeping in a tent. Rather quickly you become painfully aware of the fact that unlike the thick sturdy walls of your house, the only thing between you and the dangerous things happening outside is a thin sheet of canvas. In fact, you can occasionally see the flashlights of the other people you left on guard duty light up the inside of the tent like a puppet show, and while it should make you feel safe, all you can think about is that cold hard alien presence coming in the night and taking everyone away one by one until all the flashlights are gone and you’re just alone in your little fabric tomb.

And what is out there, anyway? What is the meaning of the things you’ve been seeing out here in the ice and snow? Is it even real, or is the cold just slowly killing you and driving you insane? Did all those people really die, or were there really any people at all? Will you wake up tomorrow back home and safe, and will everything in the nightmare fade by breakfast? From outside the tent you hear an alien sound, something unnatural that brings you right back down to Earth.

Why does the base seem different than it was yesterday? Like the outside walls covered the shuffling and shifting of the spaces within. Do you even remember getting in the tent? Do you even remember the plane crash? Do you remember that thing you saw? Do you remember it glowing with the light of heaven and putting its rubbery tendrils on your face and in your mouth and do you remember when it pulled the life out of you like a straw in a soda pop? Are you alive? Are you dead? What about yesterday? Who are these people? What is this place?

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This is the lowest Distrust: Polar Survival has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $1.67 on Steam

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Quick heads up, the “Check Out The Community” button is linked to the main site instead of the forums.

I bought 4 copies when I saw that this had multiplayer. I REALLY hope multiplayer remains functional for the long run. Thanks for the awesome discount!

Also the forum topic title is missing a “v”.


According to some of the newer steam recommendations the multiplayer does not appear to be functional even now. Sounds like it’s broken and plagued by netcode issues.


Well nuts. I have a copy of this from before … guess I’ll wait a while to try it out then.



Also thanks to moderator/game deal investigator/all-around bad@$$ delenn13 for fixing the thread title.


You are welcome :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: