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Distraint Combo Pack - 12/2/19 - $2.99


Today’s deal is Distraint Combo Pack!


The Distraint Combo Pack includes:



Hi there…you. You have never met me before, but I am your landlord. I’m nice, and I live far far away. Anyway, the crazy thing is, and I really would have liked it to have gone differently, but the crazy thing is, the reason I’m calling you is because you haven’t been making your payments on time, and I, though very nice and cool for my age, have been given the responsibility, or actually, more like the BURDEN of letting you know that it’s for this reason that, well, we’re evicting you.

Now, I realize this sounds really bad, and that maybe it kinda feels like we’re just throwing you out on the street with no way of fending for yourself, but you know, from where I’m standing, that’s not even factually correct, because as you likely know from your, umm, fifteen years of residency (wow, that’s a lot of years…), all the suites on our property open towards a center quad and pool area, which isn’t really like the street at all. We’re prepare to let you stay there for a day or two at least if you need some time to get re-situated. In fact, we don’t even have a problem with you maybe using the grill once or twice as long you continue to abide by our very strict noise curfew. We hope you understand.

And look, please don’t let this become the thing that stops us from finally becoming friends! I mean, look at us! We practically grew up together! I bet before today, you were probably planning on growing old here! But hey! Who can say that at 35, they’re still in the “roadshow living” phase! Isn’t that excitin…what? What do you mean he’s never heard of that phase? Wha-you don’t even think it’s a THING? It’s like a classic young man’s growing phase! Roadshow living! Well I HAVE heard of it, and I heard that shizz from my grandpa! Who the hell are y-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

The official trailer for Distraint 2:

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Oh and here I was thinking that “terrorize a friend” pack meant it was a multiplayer. Horror game. It’s just a two pack… wait what do I mean “just” I love two packs.


Yay the community links goes here! Also Distraint can be unsettling. Quite the game.


Alright, I really disliked Distraint and I’ve shared my views about it before here somewhere… (on phone so hard to find). Overall, I thought it was a really shallow and predictive game, full of the same old “horror” elements plastered with weak level design. didn’t find it scary, didn’t find it interesting, didn’t find it socially woke, just found it bland and shortsighted. :woman_shrugging: