Disc Jam (40% off and free weekend) - Experiences?

Hey everyone,
I just stumbled upon this weekend deal and had a quick look at it.
It’s quite fun, but I wonder if it holds enough variability to grant long-term fun.

Would love to hear your thoughts!
Is anyone of you an experienced Disc Jam player?

Deal link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/415880/Disc_Jam/


Hmmm. That could be a good replacement sports game for rocket league, as that game makes me saltier than the ocean


Mayhap competitive gaming is not for you.


My friend got it when we were playing couch game. It was fun, but he said something that it was very little player online and a game based on playing against other people that was kind of a downer.

But maybe it’s more people playing now?

Today it was easy and quick to find match partners, but I saw that complaint about few player online somewhere on Reddit as well.
However, there was mentioned that they recently added a ghost arcade mode in which they create offline players based on the playstyles of real players. I guess it’s similar to what some racing games do. That probably mitigates that problem.