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DiRT Rally - 12/5/18 - $8.50


Today’s deal is DiRT Rally!





At the end of the movie The Santa Clause (with an “E”), the unequalled Judge Reinhold looks up into the beautiful Christmas night to see a small bauble float down, which he plucks out of the air only to find that inside is his long sought-after Christmas gift for the ages, a Weenie Whistle, which we only know because earlier in the movie he and the kid’s mom, played by Wendy Crewson, have a real, true, grounded private discussion about how the reason they stopped believing in Santa is when he didn’t get them the exact thing they wanted. She wanted Mystery Date, and he, for some unbelievable reason, wanted a Weenie Whistle.

Once he gets it, he realizes he was wrong about Santa being made up the whole time, his heart is filled with love, and he goes on to have what we can only imagine was probably the best Christmas of his entire life. We here at want to give you this exact same feeling, except 20 days early and about the much-lauded rally racing game DiRT Rally instead of a small plastic whistle that’s shaped like a truck that’s shaped like a hot dog which also summons that same truck like the Green Ranger calling his Dragonzord from the sea.

We know it’s probably not on a lot of people’s lists since it’s a couple years old now, but that doesn’t mean it’s NOT the greatest rally game ever made, and that the full VR mode it now supports through Oculus isn’t amazing, and that the handling isn’t absolutely obsessively perfect, so when you grab it today for less than ten bucks and even before the lights and the hearths and grandma’s old hard cakes you’re filled with the spirit of a holiday so far removed from its original intent it’ll make your head spin, remember that now YOU’RE Judge Reinhold, and that now you’ve got your own Weenie Whistle.

The official trailer for DiRT Rally:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


you sure do get into work early in the morning :blush:


Spoiling deals like that… I bet you yell out movie spoilers to your friends too.:ok_hand:t4:


Jumped the gun a little early again, huh?

All is good though. :+1:


best rally game, the racing is so good the post appeared 5h early




srsly though, one of my favorite games overall, can’t wait for Dirt Rally 2.0 (only a few months away now)


Sharp Left, Don’t Cut.

I said Don’t Cut.

Jokes aside, Dark Souls Kart is an agonizing experience and the environment means all cars fatroll.

It can be described in one sentence: "Oh, let me take this last left turn-- OH NONONONONONONONONO…!




I can’t handle the stress anymore I’m running away :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:





Guys, he’s just trying to get us all hyped for the next deal and prepare our wallets! He ain’t doing any harm.
Come on now, you can come back! :slightly_smiling_face:


See this is what happens when you try to just hide your mistakes, you end up repeating them!