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Not to mention skill; I imagine that one of the conditions for “completing” Dirt Rally is to win the final championship, which is quite a hard feat to achieve rly; even if 100% of ppl who launched the game were to attempt that only a limited number of them would actually achieve that in the first place.


u mean 59% of the 1% of gamers

0.5% of 1% amounts to 0.005% actually, lol


That would make it a hard game though, wouldn’t it?
What I meant is that while most of us would consider beating the championship to be completing the game, but that’s usually not what the 100% completion means. That tends to include unlocking all upgrades, paint jobs or other such collectors nonsense. Some games come padded with a whole lot of such stuff in them resulting in very small “100% completion” stats.


It is the Dark Souls of racing games :wink:

true, but i think the essence of this (stage of the) discussion was more whether it was possible to play the game with controller or not rather than the actual difficulty of the game


That’s right, I see TrueAchievements users as the 1% of the total Xbox players. You know, the 1%… I was a biker, that’s a lame joke :sweat_smile:

I’ve played both games on simulation, with the same settings, they’re different games for a different audience.
That’s how I see it. Do you have a steering wheel? I’d suggest trying both. Do you play with a controller? Steer clear of DiRT Rally and maybe play DiRT 4.
I know there’s people out there that can play any game with a dancing mat, I’m just talking about the average gamer, maybe not even the racing enthusiast type.