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DiRT 4 - 1/2/19 - $11.50


Today’s deal is DiRT 4!





We realize that this box of text is usually just here to give you something to look at while you’re buying dope-ass video games, but today, we just wanted to take a second and give a shout out to mudflaps, which aren’t just a dope invention for keeping mud out of your face while you’re driving, but also figure very very prominently in today’s game, the FIA World Rallycross Championship-approved racer Dirt 4.

In one corner, a car that probably weighs thousands of pounds with a skilled human driver inside and “extreme” livery on the outside. This is a rally car. You race through the mud in it. In the other corner, four small pieces of rubber that statistically probably have Looney Tunes B-Lister Yosemite Sam on them. It seems like the car could do almost anything you wanted it to on the road, but without those four Sams, you’d have mud all over your windshield before you even had a chance to drive sideways.

And what does this tell us, other than that sometimes the high tech solution isn’t really necessary? Not much, really. But Rally racing is super cool, and if you don’t have the money and time and experience to go try it yourself at some old converted mud farm, just drop the $11.50 on Dirt 4, and whenever you can, spare a thought for that loud-mouthed hair trigger mustache lord who keeps the mud out of your eyes.

The official trailer for DiRT 4

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