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Devil May Cry HD Collection - 1/1/19 - $17.50


Happy New Year y’all! :fireworks::confetti_ball::tada:

Today’s deal is Devil May Cry HD Collection!



The official trailer for Devil May Cry HD Collection:

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


Happy New Year, guys! :slight_smile:

Great offer, this is still a bucket list collection for me… No 3d acceleration on this computer.


Oh boy, my favorite trilogy collection…
Devil May Cry, DMC3, and DMC3 Vergil!


Oh you kidder, I know that DMC2 is your favourite. :smile:


surely this is the captains favourite, (considering the proclivity of differing with the mainstream opinions)



I’ll just leave this here


Don’t insult me like that, fam. I’m not THAT tasteless when it comes to my preferences.

(Jokes aside, I do have it installed because I plan on running through the game with its Spanish dub as Donté el exterminador de los demonios)

I won’t leave you all entirely disappointed, so here is my hot take for the day: I think DMC3 Dante looks stupid. I think it’s a crappy design and I genuinely don’t understand why it continues to be used in all crossovers despite the other four games in the series having great designs. DmC doesn’t count.


Ooh this is tempting. I’ve always wanted to play this series.