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Devil May Cry 5 - 9/2/20 - $19.99


Today’s deal is Devil May Cry 5!




The official trailer for Devil May Cry 5:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


@Danacscott shiny game for a new shiny pc?


Nuzzes Dante and V :heart:

Bias aside, from watching the gameplay, it’s an awesome, zany, good time. Love how V’s play style works - summoner ftw. I’m about that hide / provide finishing blow life.

Even knowing how the story goes (and tbh, I kind of guessed anyway), this is still well worth playing. Huge environment to explore and find things your streamer might have missed or just didn’t choose to do. Also, I mean, come on. It’s D.A.N.T.E. So much style in one silver haired killing machine package.

High recommend. Let’s rock!


@DontBeSilly My case is apparently hung up in transit in the US. T_T Shiny new PC is a ways away still. sniff Local store here for monitor - their servers are down, waiting on their fix so they can quote me for a special order.

Much meh, but still healthy-ish. Heh.


Sold out in less than a half hour. What is even the point.


It’s a bug most likely.

@SlushieSamurai seems like poltergeist is happening again.


Looking into it, thanks for the heads up!

edit: It’s good to go, thanks for your patience!


I can totally support this purchase. I’ve definitely enjoyed my time with the game. This was the first Devil May Cry game I’ve ever played, it’s a great time.


Love how the voice actor for Ken from Street Fighter (I think 4 onwards?) is the voice of Dante. Plus he’s a pro stuntman with choreographed fight experience. Almost got shot too. Oh and he portrayed Keanu Reeves for a deepfake video with Corridor Digital.

So… Voice actor is pretty bad@$$ fitting for a role like Dante.