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Devil May Cry 5 - 9/2/19 - $30.99


Today’s deal is Devil May Cry 5!





We may just be a humble gaming site where you can always find incredible deals on games you love, but completely unbidden, we feel that after spending some time with today’s game, which, by the way, is Devil May Cry 5, we have some things we want to say about it, in the hopes that someone out there will help sate our rabid curiosity. We realize, of course, that Dante and co. exterminate demons via their weirdly named agency, Devil May Cry, but we’re to assume this is also the primary way these people make money, might it not be a little more productive to market yourself as a sword trick crew instead of a type of job like demon hunter that most people don’t even believe exists?

And as far as names go, “Devil May Cry” DOES sort of convey the idea that they might be responsible for the creation of some evil occult tears, but after looking it up and realizing that the phrase isn’t even really a reference to anything the general public might know about, we can’t help but wonder if a name like “Devil Destroyers” or even more directly, “Demon Exterminators” might be a better name. At least that way if I WAS in a situation where I needed someone smart to come kill a demon, I’d at least have a good idea of who to call.

But the way it is now, doesn’t it seem strange that every time Dante and co. get mixed up in a demonic plot, it always loops directly back to the lives and backstories of our primary characters? Honestly, we think it’s probably because nobody calls them besides people who know them, like when you’re excited to finally book a rock show for your band downtown, but only your parents and their lame friends from out of town show up. So please, for goodness’ sake guys, hire us, Devil May Cry, and we’ll turn your business from a sad narrative device into the sexy leather version of the Ghostbusters, and believe us, we’re pretty sure the Devil will cry a little more once we’ve had our way with you.

The official trailer for Devil May Cry 5:

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Oh man so tempting! But still expensive


drools wants a lot. Only title don’t own in series. sniff

Inner voice: Thou canst not run the game, child.

Inner demon: So duckling what! Dante! squee! pets him runs around joyously


That calibre games should bring more traffic to the site!


This game is truly EXCELLENT. GOTY material for action game fans or former DMC fans. Capcom has been back on top this past year and this is EASILY worth the price of admission.


Also worth noting, this is one of the highest historical discounts according to ITAD. It would’ve been THE highest if it weren’t for what each storefront considers as the regular price likely due to regional pricing.

So let that sway your purchasing decision here at (along with the 310 bonus Chrono Coins which I just claimed). I was going to make a reference from the game because I really love the song, but… It’s turned into a meme that’ll ruin how cool this is.

Minor note - Feel free to ignore this, I'm rambling:

I still can’t believe everyone involved with the song and music video are all YouTubers. Casey Edwards has been occasionally contracted to make music for RocketJump and Corridor Digital (and can hilariously act being angry for being kept awake - see “The Floor Is Lava”). Erm… That’s sort of connected to YouTubers right?.. Sure.

Cliff Lloret is the main cameraman for Node (so of course we see him in a music video when he’s in front of a camera to show off his secret music talent as he chants the beginning portion). So, camerman for a YouTube channel. That counts as a YouTuber too right?.. Sure!

Ali Edwards… Is not a YouTuber… Hmm… There goes my point. I liked her vocals in Killer Instinct’s “Touch Me And I’ll Break Your Face” by Mick Gordon… Yeah that’s it. Not related to YouTube at all.


Yup. It is. I’ve stalked this for a long time and the only time anyone has come in price was Fanatical (after they ‘generously’ sent you discount coupons, lol).

I’d rather get it here than anywhere else but timing. I can’t run it now, but should be able to in a few months when I wrangle a new system… what to do…


Well, adding to cart and reading the activation limitations solved the problem.

“Does not redeem in the following countries: …, Barbados, …”

So, thanks Chrono for a great game offer. I’ll def. get it here next time IF you guys get a region friendly copy. Cheers.