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Devil May Cry 5 - 11/3/19 - $27.99


Today’s deal is Devil May Cry 5!





To us, there’s never really been a real consensus on what the heck “Devil May Cry” actually means, you know? Like, we’ve basically been looking at it for like, twenty years now, and it’s still not totally clear. It’s definitely the name of a demon hunting “company” run by at least one actual demon, maybe more depending, that’s not exactly what we’re talking about, but the phrase itself mystifies us, teasing us with how similar it is to the phrase “devil-may-care”, while also being completely alien and made-up and largely non-sensical.

Like, is this a Ghostbusters vibe? Are these silver-haired killers advertising themselves as the guys that might even cause a demon to cry every once in a while? Or is it more pro-demon, like most demon hunters might not actually realize that demons have feelings at all, or that they could possibly have something in their own life that could make them feel so emotional? Or maybe something really bad happens when demons cry, like your hair turns anime and you start to dress like if Eddie Murphy from Raw had a trenchcoat to go with his purple outfit? The possibilities are seemingly endless.

But what Devil May Cry means to us in this world is clear. By grabbing a game in this series, you’re gonna get some of the best action sequences by some of the best people in the field, coupled with AAA Capcom art direction that most games can only dream of, and a combat system you could keep finding new ways to get better at for a year. (Except for the game Devil May Cry 2, that one was just okay.) So what are you waiting for? Buy for more than half its normal price today at and literally, the Devil may cry. We think…

The official trailer for Devil May Cry 5:

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WOW, that’s two fantastic sales in a row! This is another 10/10 game for me and actually my Game of the Year choice! Itsuno did an incredible job here following up on DMC4 after a long hiatus with tons of fresh ideas, 3 playable characters that all feel unique and fun to play, tons of fan-service for older DMC fans. The whole nine yards! Pick this up if you like 3D Action games and can run it on your computer!


I Have really been impressed with the caliber of games Chrono has been offering and I loved the series on the “Dark Net”.

Kudos, Chrono Staff :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Glad they brought this up again! Seriously, I only watched gameplay and it was awesome! Streamer didn’t even try out all of the weapons either.

pets Dante :heart:



(Also the Community button leads to the main site instead of this thread.)


Why are the system requirements in Russian? Has it always been like that? Or is it a client side thing?


On a related note, does anyone remember when this game was sponsoring other Youtubers for a time?