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Desert Child - 3/6/19 - $9.60


Today’s deal is Desert Child!





Ah, the Mars Grand Prix; Certainly the biggest hoverbike jam out here on the red rock, but at least you’re not still stuck on Earth, right? Nah, instead it’s gonna be you hitting the pavement every single day, still with no sponsor, still freelance, still racing with the live ammo like it’s cool instead of stupid. A world of cyber crime, pork ramen, and stampeding kangaroos, where nothing’s free and a job’s a job. Just hope they still have that cool record store for you down by the racetrack, or you’re never gonna get your head right

But are we really gonna sit out here telling you you have to keep your nose clean all the livelong day? On Mars? Sorry Charlie, but if that’s what you thought you must be crazy. We know how it is. Mars is rough. They act like your friends, and they give you things and they help you along, but they’re still charging you for it, aren’t they? Nobody thought about you for one second today, kid, so why should you give them your consideration when deciding where to steal that part you need? Isn’t there a race to win? Wouldn’t you rather have the bike that won’t get you smeared against an item box down on that half racetrack half sewer system they built down under the city? I would. But then again, who the hell am I?

Nobody cares how you hustle on Mars. They just want to see you win races. So please kid, put up the kickstand on that old red bike of yours you swear is a classic, and sweat and steal and kill and maybe if you survive, at the end you could come back with that nice big Gran Prix trophy. They say you gotta have something wrong in your head to be a hoverbike racer, but you know what else they say: once a dead man, always a dead man. So don’t ass it up.

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This is the lowest Angels Fall First has ever been discounted, previous low was $10.19 on GOG

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this game looks pretty cool but, I’m broke af cause I spent all my money on food. And it wasn’t even good food DX.