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Desert Child - 1/23/20 - $5.49


Today’s deal is Desert Child!





In one way, Desert Child is a Cowboy Bebop-flavored underground hoverbike racing simulator, where you spend your day like Spike Spiegel, walking around a quiet town and talking to people again and again as you slowly find out their secrets. On the other, the Desert Child is all of us, in that if he could JUST get $10,000 it would completely change his life. Sure, he needs it to pay the entrance fee for a big race on Mars, but in real life, don’t we also want lots of money to prove we’re not a failure by doing all kinds of wild high profile stuff too? Isn’t that why dentists love cancelling themselves on Twitter by killing beautiful lions on camera?

So do it. Play Desert Child. Or at least watch the trailer, and imagine if instead of it costing $500 for a subsidized ticket to Mars, it only cost about $5.49. What would you do if you were up there BESIDES racing? Read the paper every day? Buy dope CD’s? Walk along the waterfront, barter with vendors, and go into restaurants? Get involved with some sort of scary Martian underlord? Hunt down the surging kangaroo population? Deliver pizzas? You can literally do all of this, and in Desert Child, it also feels like you’re finding it all yourself.

And listen, honestly, this game is not for everyone. You have be kinda cool already to pick up what it’s putting down, but really, if Spike was a gamer and not a weird buddhist bounty hunter, this is what he’d be doing all day, and he wouldn’t even have to fake his death to do it. And actually you know what? John Cho, on the off-chance you’re reading this, this might be a good way to stay in the Spike headspace while your knee heals. Also we loved you in Searching. Big fun.

The official trailer for Desert Child:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Desert Child has ever been discounted, previous low was $5.50 on Gamesplanet DE

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interesting game but once again:

been cheaper on Humble Bundle and even through trading you can probably find it lower.


I must be buying games in my sleep. I have no memory of ever buying this, but there it is, in my Steam library.


Well, not quite from their website:


But yes it was in the Humble Choice, and perhaps trading can get it cheaper, but you can’t always look at something that’s been bundled and say, well, the sale price isn’t a good one.


It’s still the best individual sale price for this game…

@EyeQue, perhaps from that Humble Choice bundle in December?


yes, it was indeed in the Humble Choice


I have a copy from Humble Choice that I’m likely not going to claim.


same, offer away if anyone wants it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… Reminds me of Battletoad’s Turbo Tunnel except a lot less frustrating, and you can shoot stuff which is neat.