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Descenders - 6/3/19 - $16.24


Today’s deal is Descenders!





The smell of wet dirt and dead leaves sits rich in your nose as the sound of birds and wind washes over you like ocean water. Did you really step in deer poop a few minutes ago? Is that really what that smell is? You shift your weight on the bike you’re straddling. Doesn’t matter. Happened on the way up. That’s basically ancient history right now. Instead, all you want to think about, the only thing your brain can currently focus on, is how quick you can get back down. Obviously, you’re a descender now.

And that’s exactly where anyone would wanna be, right? Flying downhill on a bicycle, no idea what’s hurtling towards you in this procedurally generated mountainspace where it kinda smells like deer poop? To us, that’s life itself. To you, it’s a free pass to clear focus and peace of mind. Start up, go down. It is the secret power of mankind that we’ve practically figured out how to do it faster than gravity does on its own.

This is the sacred duty of the descender, and regardless of what livery you wear, and whose team you’re earning for, we are all united in this common mud-speckled goal. So go, gamer, and join them. Join the fast downhill bicycle tribe. Eventually you’ll even be able to ignore the deer poo. It’s all part of life on the great mountain we call existence, and everything comes down eventually. And sorry we wrote so much about deer poop. Saving money so often messes with our sense of humor. Makes our jokes really shitty.

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This is the lowest Descenders has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $18.74 on Steam.

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I want this so bad but, at the same time, I’d rather be mountian biking in real life. I feel like buying this game would be a waste of time that you could be spend actually shredding trails. I’ve never felt this tug of reality so hard for a videogame before honestly.

That being said, it would be really cool to shred in safety. Last year, I broke my wrist, broke my helmet and probably permanently hurt my tendons in my wrist in Montara, Ca at Boy Scout Trail and it really made me think about safety and speed and statistics in a different light.


which is exactly why u should maybe consider getting this game instead, lol

hope u eventually fully recover though; i had a bad motorcycle accident some 8 years ago, and i walked away fine, but it’s been responsible for terrible sporadic headaches related to the whiplash ever since though


Believe me, I’ve been eyeing this game since it was announced so long ago… my girlfriend would get so mad at me if I bought yet ANOTHER game though. Tonight I have a job interview for a good-paying job, so maybe if it all goes well, later tonight I’ll reward myself.


gl on that


If Chrono stock still lasts up until that point… hue hue hue…