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Descenders - $14.99 - 2/4/20


Today’s deal is Descenders!





Yo, bro! How ya doin’ out there in cyberspace, bud? Aw, what’s that? Rough day, huh? News got you a little down? Boss kinda ridin’ your butt a little too hard? Honestly? You hate to see it, you really do. But don’t worry too much, my little digital duders, because I’ve literally the got the cure for you right here in front of your eyes, and you never even would have thought of it because if I’m being real? It’s a little crazy. But hey, it’d be crazier to say it WASN’T crazy to drive off a cliff on a mountain bike, right?

And before you get your things together and leave, that’s exactly what I’m talking about, yo! Like look: imagine all the crap that’s stressing you out, all that paperwork, and all those annoying losers keeping you down…imagine all that stuff’s up here on top of the cliff. Now, be real, what could be better than leaping away from all those bummers at once and rollin’ on down a hill on your sick dirtbike? I’m not really a religious guy, but if that doesn’t sound great to you, maybe you just don’t have a soul, you know?

Or you know what? I don’t think it’s that you don’t have one, it’s just that it’s down there inside you, buried under a bunch of old leaves that fly right off the moment the wind starts whipping through the slats in the front of your helmet, and the gravelly rocks grind against each other under your tires, and damn I’m starting to pedal my legs just thinking it about it, homie! So look, just give Descenders a chance today, huh? Fifteen bucks. Your soul will thank you.

The official trailer for Descenders:

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Sale price info:
This matches the lowest Descenders has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $14.99 on Steam.

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Liquicity’s Drum and Bass for biking? Interesting. I’m also curious if I should try this with Eurobeat music. Dave Rodgers’ Deja Vu wouldn’t work though given the world is procedurally generated.


Hmm… well that tells me me all I need to know. I’ll see you at the same bat time tomorrow.


It’s just gonna make me want to mountain bike more in real life and, when I’m tired of getting hurt or working my ass off in real life, I come back to the game I thoroughly enjoy! Yay!

Just as a disclaimer for any mountain bikers in real life: Protect yo noggin’.