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Depraved - 6/7/19 - $15


Today’s deal is Depraved!





Words are really great. We here at Chrono love words, personally. They let us communicate, both in person and online. They help us EMPHASIZE things and…ok you get the point, I don’t have to read out of a Hooked on Phonics for ya. Words are important and cool and they sound weird. Like toast. Say toast in your head like, 30 times, and it’ll get really weird. But still cool, like a cool weird. Wanna know something even more mind-blowing? There’s a word for that! Well two actually, but it’s called semantic satiation, look it up!

Ok so words are cool and weird and cool weird but also sometimes really misleading? Like look at the title for today’s game, Depraved. It’s a perfect title for the game, no misleading there. You’re running a town full of people trying to move to the Wild West; plenty of depraved bandits and wild animals to push your shit in. That checks out. But like, look at the word Depraved by itself. Doesn’t it feel like it’s trying to denote the opposite of something? Look I get it that’s not what that prefix means but I swear every time I say depraved in my head I feel like there’s a praved. And I thought there wasn’t but THE DOC DIDN’T AUTOCORRECT ME!!!

I’m gonna be real with you guys for a sec, curtain is moving, illusion shattered, sorry about that. The rest of this was supposed to be like “ha ha hey there’s no word that’s just praved” and that was going to be the bit, end scene. I even Googled the word to make sure it didn’t exist and I got no hits on the first three pages. THREE PAGES. That means it’s like, guaranteed bogus no way is it real. But I just typed it and I’m not getting that angry little red squiggly telling me I’m a dumbass which means that praved is a word and now I have to spend the rest of my life day finding out what it means before I go insane. Don’t be me. Nab this wild wild city builder and fight off some crazy bandits instead of Googling a word so many times you semantic satiation.

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This matches the lowest Depraved has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $17.49 on Gamers Gate.

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Not my PB and J, but I agree, hooray for all the sense English makes and all the senses it triggers, lol.